10 Business Ideas for Nigerian Students


Have you ever wondered the businesses you could do as a student in a Nigerian University? Students are always in need of money for various reasons; to keep heart and soul together, buy resource materials, splurge and impress, wow that special someone or just live ‘the good life’. Whatever your reason(s), money is still involved, which is why I wrote this piece on business ideas for students in Nigeria.

It is not a secret that crime doesn’t pay. If you intend doing anything, be sure never to go the way of crime as your success will not only be shortlived but also come biting hard. So, whatever get-rich-quick you think of, exclude crime in its entirety and be your own boss by engaging in something legitimate.

Without further ado, below is a list of 10 business ideas for students in Nigeria.

Business Ideas for students

10 Business Ideas for Students in Nigerian Universities

1. Importation Business

Importation business is very, very lucrative. Very profitable. It is so profitable non-students do it to take care of themselves (and even their family). What makes importation business a suitable business idea for Nigerian students is that it does not require a shop or huge capital. You can start with as little as #10,000 and as well store the imported goods in your room.

The best way to go about importation is to look at some of the cheap, but essential things students in your school use and then import them. You have to order and sell the items at prices way cheaper than the market price if you want to really make money.

With just a token, you could venture into the importation business right there in your room and sell fashion accessories such as earrings, fancy necklaces, rings, etc. Leave a comment in the comment section to share with you, for free, detailed importation guide. Read more about importation here.

2. Sales of Jewelry/Wears/Wares

This is another business idea for students in Nigeria. It’s an easy-to-do business you can combine with your studies without hurting one for another.

Selling jewelry wears or wares is just like selling your imported goods as discussed above in that you have to be strategic about what you buy (and resell) and you also have to be innovative in marketing your goods.

Jewelry are those things people use for ornamentation such as earrings, necklaces, brooches, rings, anklets and bracelets.

Wears are such things as clothes, shoes, snapbacks, face caps, eyeglasses and bags. Look around for trending stuff in this category and buy them in wholesales and retail them.

Wares (not wears) are those things such as plates, spoons, mugs, flasks, bottles and so on. Make sure whatever ware you choose to sell is fashionable enough to attract people, because that’s one of the major reasons people would buy it.

3. Training/Tutoring

It goes without saying; tutorials is a big moneymaker for students. You don’t need huge capital or inventory. The only thing you need is your head and a venue and you’d “blow” in no time. Look around your campus, how many tutorials are there? To make money doing tutorials, you may want to target new students who are new to the school. Visit them in their lecture halls, admonish them, give them some pep talks and you have their attention.

Another business idea that looks like it is training—teaching people what you know.

Is it a software? Or maybe you’re good at graphics design or web design. Teach it.

One of the unique ways you can do this is to offer one-on-one training. Inform people of how they can learn from you at their pace and time. This works because students have different schedules and a student can only work with his school timetable.

Do either of these and you’d never be broke again.

4. Graphics/Web Design

Other than teaching these stuff, you can offer the actual service – graphics or web design or both. Look around and tell me where you did NOT see a work of graphics. This goes to show how on-demand these things are. From churches to businesses. Everybody needs works of graphics.

The good thing about web design or graphics is that you’re not limited to your campus or school. You can always take it to anywhere. Businesses, whether big or small, need websites to reach more customers or showcase their services. They also need the /endearing/ graphics to arrest the eye.
Get your skill and tools together, it’s time to make some money!

5. Writing — Freelance/Essay Contests

If you are good with words, this is the perfect fit for you. Writing is what you should be doing if you can write. Writing is very lucrative and can earn you big bucks within a short time. It’s that profitable.

The good thing about writing is that you have a lot of options to choose from, depending on your skill. You can choose the freelance way or enter contests.

Freelance writing is a full-time job in and of itself. And so flexible you can combine it with your academics without one affecting the other.

If you choose contests, na still road you dey. There are lots of options here, too. One is essay contests, another is short story/fiction, another one is poetry. There’s even choice for either international or local contest … as you wish.

6. Blogging

You have probably heard about blogging more than a billion times. It’s that popular. Blogging pays a whole lot! If you have a laptop, you could start right there in your room with little or nothing. However, while it pays in the long run, its result might not necessarily be instantaneous.

7. Sewing/Hairdressing/Barbing

If you look closely, you’d realize that all three of them are closely related. Sewing (suitable for both male or female), hairdressing (more suitable for women) and barbing (more suitable for men).

This is yet another profitable business idea for students in Nigeria. It is so lucrative you can make quick money with it.

One thing that may seem an impediment is the cost of getting a place or shop to showcase your service. But you don’t need a shop. You can render home service, whereby you go and service people in their hostels or rooms.

Another thing you can do to attract customers is to make your price super competitive. That is, if established barbers or hairdressers or tailors charge #50 per service, you could charge #40, or lesser.

One important thing, however, is that you must be very good at it. Else, nobody will patronize you. The few ones that did will spoil your market and you don’t want that for yourself.

8. Painting

Painting is another business idea for Nigerian students. It requires only little money to start because the tools are not expensive. Rollers, paper tapes and brushes. Cardboards can be bought on a need basis. Also, it is the customer that is responsible for paint.

The only thing you need is creativity (to craft beautiful patterns) and the ability to combine matching and beautiful colours.

If you do it well, your happy customers will be glad to refer you.

9. Business Center

Where do you print or photocopy your documents? A business center, right? Right. There you have it: another business idea for a Nigerian student.

If you check those places, you’d realize there’s never a lack of customers. Students always have something to print or photostat.

Many of these business centers also provide online services, helping students, especially newcomers, with such things as school fee payment, receipt printing, course registration and so on.

You don’t need huge capital to start a business center. Just a laptop, printer, and photocopier. They don’t also have to be brand new; just good enough to get the work done and not the ones that’d take all your money for repairs.

An easier way to approach a printing/photocopying business is to start from your class. You can even take documents home and bring it for them the following day.

If you do it well and don’t disappoint and very importantly, very cheap, they’d refer you to their friends in other departments.

10. Event Planning/Catering/Decoration

You know what this is, right? Although all three of them have different names, they’re closely related and can be combined. If you’re in charge of the decoration of an event, you can also be the caterer in charge of food. You may need connections in order to get frequent offers doing any of these, but the good thing is you can make use of your skill and knowledge even when you don’t have a job.

Bake cake, make chin-chin, fry plantain and package them very well. Remember, most of the chin-chins or cakes you buy have no special ingredients; just the enticing packaging. After making these things, you can then distribute them to traders around at a discounted price that would leave profits for them too, and also take them to your classmates.


There are many business ideas for students in Nigeria. So many opportunities abound. You only need the right skills and information and a bit of business orientation and you’d never be broke throughout your stay in school. Business Ideas for Students in Nigeria. Which one would you try? Which one are you currently doing? Have more business ideas for students in Nigeria?

We value your opinion and would appreciate if you can share this to help fellow students.

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