Adediwura Blark Gold Biography & Net Worth

Real Name: Adediwura Becky Adesegha
Also Known As Blark Gold, Adediwura Gold
Net Worth N7 million
Date of Birth: March 20, 1978
State of Origin Lagos State
Birth Place Lagos State
Profession: Actor, Filmmaker, Entrepreneur
Nationality: Nigeria

Adediwura Becky Adesegha aka Blark Gold or Adediwura Gold is not new to most Nollywood lovers, particularly Yoruba movies lovers in Nigeria and abroad. She is not only a screen goddess but also one of the very few, most beautiful, dark-skinned actresses flaunting their natural complexion in a world where most celebrities are pushed to bleach their skins in order to turn heads and remain relevant.

Adediwura BlarkGold

She is curvy, tall, dark-skinned, pretty, busty and complimented with a set of white, shiny teeth to make heads turn. Adediwura Becky Adesegha is the perfect definition of beauty in the African context.

Adediwura Gold is a famous Yoruba Nollywood actress and with very obvious features that embody the African woman. This post talks about Adediwura’s biography and everything you need to know about this delectable lady.

Adediwura Becky Adesegha aka Blark Gold or Adediwura Gold was born on March 20, 1978. She is Yoruba; a major ethnic group in Nigeria and an actress who has been in the movie industry since 2008. She studied the English Language at the Lagos State University (LASU).

The Graduate of English Language from Lagos State University has featured in Many Yoruba indigenous movies alongside Regina Chukwu, Liz da Silva, Funke Adesiyan, all of whom have been best of friends from time have both featured in movies produced by themselves.

Adediwura Adesegha got the nickname ‘Blark Gold‘ owing to her dark, glowy skin she has always been proud of. Her skin colour, besides her other physical features, stands her out among her contemporaries. Also, on account of a movie role, she played at some point, at the start of her career.

The Nollywood actress who stands tall among the rising movie stars who are being tipped to take over from the established acts has been around for a while.

Adediwura Gold is a single mother of one. She was divorced in 2007, a year before she joined the Movie industry and has remained that way until she announced her engagement in August 2019 to a man only known as ‘Mr. Moo’.

The Nollywood actress stirred the media in 2015 when she granted an interview with Vanguard Newspaper, claiming she could have sex every day as she loves it.

The proud mother of one has never failed in showing off her son at every given opportunity. Besides being an actress, Adediwura Becky Adesegha is also a philanthropist and the founder of a Non-Governmental Organization known as “Giving Is Fun” foundation; aimed at empowering widows. The busty Nollywood actress is a brand ambassador to PlayTV.

The voluptuous Yoruba actress, Adediwura Adesegha known in the industry as Adediwura Blarkgold had expressed her feeling concerning her big boobs, saying she can’t imagine what life would have been like if she had not been blessed with big boobs.

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