12 Best Nigerian Wedding Songs of All Time


What are Nigerian weddings without songs, the excitement and a mix of emotion? Songs play a super, super important role in every Nigerian wedding, whether or not the major spoken language at the occasion is English, Yoruba, Hausa, the Igbo language or any other Nigerian language.

But why songs? Why not just get the wedding over with and go home? This is because weddings, particularly Nigerian weddings are usually incomplete without the dance, over-excitement and emotions. More importantly, wedding songs, if chosen right, will give an insight about a couple of the day.

Wedding songs tell stories and they do so beautifully, from giving counsels, to acknowledging how the woman is so amazing and special, to how THE ONE has been found. They can also reveal the struggle behind one’s love story and serve as a reassurance to love with border or restriction from that day forward.

If you are the bride-to-be or the groom-to-be, it is important to look out for a song that tells your story both as a couple and as an individual, in a way. It makes more sense when people understand your heart without really getting to hear you say it. Below, we have, in no particular order, selected what we consider the best Nigerian wedding songs of all time and the main message behind them.

1. Tosin Martins – “Olo Mi”

“Olo Mi” by Tosin Martins is undoubtedly one of the best Nigerian wedding songs of all time. “Ololufe Mi” (my lover) should originally be the title of this masterpiece since it is of Yoruba origin. However, it was shortened, thereby losing its original meaning, but that is not a problem at all, particularly if you get to listen to this evergreen.

“Olo Mi” expresses love in a deep, poetic and soulful manner such that you are instantly drawn into it the moment it starts. The song talks about finding a soulmate with whom a bond so strong is shared. It also talks about how love is one of life’s powerful forces and how it is capable of influencing how those who have found it behaves. Some other aspect the song touches is a blissful home, picture-perfect kids, compatibility, upholding the wedding vows by staying together come what may. It is the most complete of all Nigerian wedding songs!!!

Although the song was released in 2006, it always feels like it was released only yesterday!

2. Sola Allison-Obaniyi – “Ayanmo Ife”

This soulful song by vocal powerhouse, Sola Allison-Obaniyi is perhaps the less popular on this list. Rendered beautifully in the Yoruba language, “Ayanmo Ife” (meaning destined lovers) is a song that emphasises marriage as a journey ordained by God Himself. The song acknowledges the soulmate concept in a way that it makes the idea complementing in relationships a design fashioned by God.

Being a song of love with focus on destiny, Sola Allison-Obaniyi talks about how marriage makes couples with the purest of intentions achieve purpose. While the place of quarrels and fights can’t be ignored in marriage, Ayanmo Ife encourages communication, correcting in love, not involving third parties, and reasoning as one as the perfect blend in growing in marriage.

Just as “Olo Mi”, Ayanmo Ife also hints about trying times and the need to stay together in other to overcome.

If you are so big on “ewa ede” (the beauty of language) and truly love love, Ayanmo Ife is that special song for your wedding. However, note that it is almost about six minutes long with some beautiful, sermonic verses.

PS: If you do not understand Yoruba, this beautiful song might not make sense to you.

3. Sunny Nneji – “Oruka”

Always the evergreen Nigerian wedding song, “Oruka”, a Yoruba word meaning “wedding band or ring” by legendary Sunny Nneji talks about the sanctity of marriage as a union from God with references to Prov 18:22 and the wedding decree of what “God has joined together”.

“Oruka” preaches against cheating and discourages reasons why people cheat in marriage. It also shares the notion that couples in marriage should be everything to one another, including being a friend, lover, sister, brother, father, mother and much more. From the viewpoint of both sexes, the woman is regarded as the light of the man while he is the companion.

The end part of the song shares the Biblical teachings that a man must leave his parents and forever cleave to his wife and likewise. Maturity is a necessary ingredient for any marriage to be successful and the concept of leaving one’s parents to start a family is an indication of growth and readiness that one is ready to get married.

The song is majorly rendered in English but its chorus in the Yoruba language, transliterating as “the wedding band has been worn on the hand, no one can separate you forever”.

4. Sean Tizzle – “Perfect Gentleman”

This is one of the most beautiful wedding songs you can groove to in any Nigerian wedding! “Perfect Gentleman” by Sean Tizzle is a song rendered with a blend of the English and Yoruba language. If you understand the Yoruba language a bit then you can conveniently choose this, particularly if you are male since Sean Tizzle sang this from the male viewpoint.

The “Perfect Gentleman” extols the bride as a gem and lavishes praise on her. The chorus of the song in itself is doused in prayer for the couple—abundance, productivity, and longevity. And as a “perfect gentleman”, there is a vivid description of how a perfect gentleman should treat his woman day in, day out.

If at all you decide to choose this as a wedding song, by all means, get prepared to set the dance floor on fire!

5. Simi – “By You”

“By You” is a soulful love song by Simisola Kosoko featuring her husband, Adekunle Gold (Kosoko). The song was released shortly after they got married privately in Magodo, to the shock of their fans.

“By You” is a love song that talks about absolute trust, love as divine, the importance of partnership and the sanctity of marriage. It is a blend of love song and retaking the wedding vow all over. It is no wonder the emotion was well poured all

While the song is mostly sung in the Yoruba language, a non-speaker might not fancy the song as the meaning will be lost on them.

6. P-Square – “No One Like You”

“No one like you” by sensational singing twin, Peter and Paul Okoye of the now-defunct P-Square was a rave at some point in Nigeria and used at weddings almost weekly.

While the song seems to be kicked to the curb as a result of the group’s separation, “No one like you” remains one of the popular wedding songs in Nigeria.

The song focuses on love, beauty, commitment, uniqueness, and the soulmate concept. According to some cultural myths, marriage, particularly a woman one marries, can bring fortunes into one’s home and P-Square someone preached that in the song.

If you think you found a rare gem and life has changed since you found her, perhaps you should convince her to let you have this in your wedding playlist.

7. Flavour – “Ada Ada”

“Ada Ada” by Flavour makes our top Nigerian wedding songs for many reasons; first, it is the most culturally immersive song on this list and largely rendered in the Igbo language compared to the other songs on this list which are mostly in the Yoruba language.

Regardless of whether or not you understand Igbo, your legs and body might develop a mind of their own with this beautiful, highly cultural love song.

“Ada Ada”, so far has crossed continents and unified people regardless of language and culture. A trip to YouTube gives an idea on how people of diverse races played the song at their wedding without understanding what the song means. Nothing unifies as love and music!

8. Timi Dakolo – “Iyawo Mi”

Sensational vocalist and winner of the inaugural season of Idol West Africa, Timi Dakolo released “Iyawo Mi” (meaning “my wife” in the Yoruba language) sometime in 2014, about 2 years after he married his beautiful wife, Busola Dakolo.

“Iyawo Mi” is somewhat similar to Tosin Martin’s “Olo Mi” from the denotative meaning. Both songs seem to focus on the same theme and the lyrics are somewhat similar, albeit in a way. A major difference is Timi Dakolo’s having a classic, yet contemporary feel.

One thing is sure; you can never get tired of this song at a wedding!

10. Kizz Daniel – “Mama”

Kizz Daniel’s “Mama” is youthful and groovy with a mid-fastpaced rhythm but it can fly as a wedding song. We are quite sure Kizz did not intend for the song to be a wedding song but it has been used a decent amount of times across weddings in Nigeria.

Other than the fact that it is a beautifully written love song, “Mama” can easily be moved to. So think of the perfect wedding dance for this love song and you are not in sync at all!

11. Banky W – “Made For You”

Banky W’s “Made for You” echoes the “soulmate” belief—that people are indeed made for one another and that true happiness cannot be experienced if one does not end up the “bone of their bones”. Banky W renders this beautiful piece in a soft reggae style in telling his love story as should anyone who is genuinely in love.

“Made For You” is gentle on the ears and heart and capable of immersing any listener into the amazing journey couples with beautiful love stories share. If love changed you completely and can’t help but thank that special person enough, then “Made For You” is the song for you.

We love it!

12. Timi Dakolo – The Vow

How about dancing to “THE VOW” after taking it? Nothing is more beautiful than love itself but have you seen couples exchanging wedding vows? It is THE MOST BEAUTIFUL moment EVER!

Timi Dakolo’s “The Vow” tells of love, pain, contentment, love and indebtedness. If you value your woman’s effort and love that she has been there at odd times, then it is not just enough to love her return. How about reassuring her that you will be true? How about ringing the vows in her ears?

Did you think we missed out on some songs or a song that should have made this list? Drop a comment and let us know what you think!

Best Nigerian Wedding Songs of All Time

  • Tosin Martins – “Olo Mi”
  • Sola Allison-Obaniyi – “Ayanmo Ife”
  • Sunny Nneji – “Oruka”
  • Sean Tizzle – “Perfect Gentleman”
  • Simi – “By You”
  • P-Square – “No One Like You”
  • Flavour – “Ada Ada”
  • Timi Dakolo – “Iyawo Mi”
  • Kizz Daniel – “Mama”
  • Banky W – “Made For You”
  • Timi Dakolo – “The Vow”
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