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Christine Nampeera Twitter Trending Video

Why is Christine Nampeera’s Video Trending on Twitter

Christine Nampeera, a well-known social media personality from Uganda, has found herself in an unexpected spotlight lately, though not for the usual reasons she’s accustomed to.

Christine has been hitting the headlines due to the surfacing of a video showcasing her and her partner engaged in a very private situation. The couple appears to have a preference for intimate moments in public restrooms, and this specific incident allegedly took place at Kenji’s Cocktail Bar, a renowned establishment in Kampala.

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The clip shows the couple in an intimate position unaware that an unknown person was filming them.

In the video which is spreading like wildfire on Twitter, the couple is seen intimate as the person behind the camera takes care to remain unnoticed while capturing the footage.

Soon after the clip went viral on social media, the voluptuous Uganda social media influencer took to social media and apologized for her behavior and begged her over 33,000 (Twitter) fans to stop sharing the clip as she was suicidal.

“I want to apologise to my family Dj Roja, my friends, my boyfriend Mr Barasha, and my employers who have been affected by the video circulating. It was a private affair, I am sorry,” she posted.


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