Cynthia Amaka Okeke ‘Officiacici’ Biography & Profile


Officiacici, Cynthia Okeke is a budding social media influencer, socialite and a young businesswoman. She is Igbo, an ethnic group from the South-Eastern part of Nigeria, a West African Country.

Touted to be ‘the most beautiful New Nollywood actress in Nigeria’, Cynthia Okeke, commonly known as ‘Officiacici on social media platforms has been trending for very obvious reasons; her beauty and endowment in the right places.

‘Officiacici’ is first off, a lady of many dealings and personality. She is the owner of two business brands on Instagram; ‘ciciwears’ and ‘cici_kitchens’. Her first business page focuses on marketing and selling popular male designer wears while the other is a business page for selling already prepared delicacies for prospective clients who find it difficult to prepare homemade meals.

While much is not known about this young, budding entrepreneur, she is fast gaining social media relevance in Nigeria, mostly on Instagram. She has already been dubbed to be the ‘most beautiful new Nollywood actress in Nigeria’.

Nollywood is the name of the Nigerian movie industry, copied from the famous American movie industry, Hollywood.

Cynthia Okeke ‘Officiacici’ Biography

Cynthia Amaka Okeke also referred to ‘Officiacici is a Nigerian celebrity, a Nollywood actress, a budding business owner, a social media influencer and a socialite who hails from the South-Eastern part of Nigeria.

While she is perceived to be a Nollywood actress, we cannot authoritatively confirm that Officiacici is or is not an actress as she has not featured in any movie before now. Her personal Instagram handle although claims she is an ‘actor’, there are no pictures or videos to back this claim. She has never been seen on a movie set or been captured on camera with any Nollywood actor. There are no movies she has featured in at the time of compiling this.

She recently announced that she is single and out looking for a man to marry as she is willing to settle down.

The busty and beautiful actress cut a picture of the proverbial ‘damsel in distress’ in the video, looking dejected, desperate and almost hysterical.

“Does anybody want a wife? I’m single. I got no kids, I can cook. People say I’m funny. Your Mama doesn’t love me. Do you want a wife?” she wailed in the video.

“Biko, drop your thoughts and send your application to my manager. If you are ready we will be getting married next week,” she added.

Besides business lines, Officiacici is also trying her hand at producing comic skits on Instagram, perhaps this is where she tests her acting prowess. She has stated that she is not on Instagram and Twitter, so you just might want to be careful to avoid being scammed by imposters who would claim to be Officiacici.

Officiacici Social Media Handles

While she has confirmed she is on Instagram with the handle, @officiacici, she also has a Snapchat handle: goddesscici460. Beyond these and her business pages, the young, beautiful business lady is not on any other, at least for now.

Pictures of Cynthia Okeke





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