Dino Melaye Net Worth (2021), Cars and Properties

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Daniel ‘Dino’ Melaye (born 1 January 1974), is a Nigerian politician, and actor, and member of the 8th National Assembly, Kogi West Senatorial district. Dino Melaye was an active member of the student union during his undergraduate studies at Ahmadu Bello University where he studied geography.

He went on to lead the National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS), African Youth Council and Commonwealth Youth Council. He was subsequently appointed as the Chairman, Presidential Advisory Council on Youth by then President Olusegun Obasanjo.

Dino Melaye was born in the city of Kano, on January 1, 1974. He graduated from the Ahmadu Bello University (ABU), Zaria, where he studied geography in 2000. He led the National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) and later became the Secretary-General of African Youth Council and then that of the Commonwealth Youth Council. He was appointed by President Olusegun Obasanjo to chair the Presidential Advisory Council on Youths.

Dino Melaye Net Worth (2021)

Dino Melaye Cars

Dino Melaye, a former Nigerian senator of the 8th assembly has an estimated net worth of N12 billion. Dino Melaye’s fleet of cars include a Bugatti Veyron, valued at $1.7 million (N616 million), a Lamborghini Gallardo valued at N73 million, a Polaris Slingshot valued at N8.7 million, a classic Rolls Royce with a base price of N145 million, a Porsche Panamera valued at N29 million, a N55 million Range Rover, a Mercedes G-Wagon valued at N60 million, a Bentley Continental worth N90 million, a Chevrolet Corvette estimated at N44 million, a Ferrari valued N100 million and multi-billion Naira mansions in Abuja.

The interior of Dino Melaye's House
The interior of Dino Melaye’s House
The interior of Dino Melaye's House
The interior of Dino Melaye’s House

Read the complete biography of Dino Melaye here.


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