Doris Simeone Biography & Net Worth


Doris Simeone is a known face in both the Yoruba and English segments of Nigeria’s movie industry popularly referred to as Nollywood. She is not only skilled and talented at what she does, her beauty has often left many of her fans wondering what her secret is.

Her cool demeanor and versatility have made her feature in nearly a hundred movie productions and still much respected in the movie industry to date. She is one of the few who strived in the movie industry at a time when all there was is nothing but fame and little or no money. Regardless, she has been a force worthy of note. Here’s everything you’d love to know about this pretty actress.

Doris Simeone Biography

Doris Simeone Biography, Family & Net Worth

Doris Simeone (born July 22) is an award-winning Nigerian Yoruba and English actress, television presenter and entrepreneur born in Lagos, South West, Nigeria. She is from Okpella in Benin, Edo State, South-South, Nigeria. She was born into a polygamous family but grew up with her mother in the Ojota area of Lagos. Doris came to the spotlight via a 2001 Nollywood movie entitled ‘Oloju Ede’. She graduated from the PEFT Institute, where she studied production management.

Growing up for Doris Simeone was tough as she was raised by her mother in Ojota. Despite being born into a polygamous family, her determined mother made sure she had a quality life by catering for her. Her big break in the movie industry didn’t arrive until the completion of her diploma course at PEFTI, owned by Wale Adenuga Productions, the production house responsible for movies such as Super Story, This Life and Papa Ajasco, a popular family comedy sitcom.

It is worthy of note to mention that Doris Simeone does not have a university degree.

Doris began her career with a part in three episodes of the Papa Ajasco comedy series. She then had parts in Nollywood films Oloju Ede, Alakada, Ten Million Naira and Modupe Temi. She has also appeared in Eti Keta.

In 2010 she starred as Da Grin’s girlfriend in Ghetto Dreamz. and co-produced with Omo Iya kan.

Doris Simeone Family, Husband, and Child


Doris Simeone was married to ex-husband Daniel Ademinokan, a movie producer and director whom she met on the set of a movie location in 2006 and the duo have a son together named David (born April 4, 2008). Unfortunately, Doris Simeone and Daniel Aminokan divorced in 2013 and Daniel went on to marry Stella Damasus, whom many accused of snatching Daniel from Doris Simeone.

Although Doris Simeone never spoke up about what led to the divorce, her ex-husband in an appreciative Instagram post in 2017 hinted that he suffered mental abuse and violation while with Doris Simeone. He thanked Stella Damasus in her post for helping him heal. Below is an excerpt:

Lately, I’ve been reading comments, reactions and people’s stories about our short film WHEN IS IT ENOUGH. I went back to see the film again last night and reversed the roles in my head. Wow! Some men may never have been hit by their wives but they were definitely abused & violated mentally. All I can say is, thank you Jesus for THE liberation. And thank you Boo for helping me through the healing process. The world doesn’t need the story but they’ll definitely experience the glory. One lesson I’ve learnt: when it comes to love – don’t settle. Never settle for what’s available if it’s not what you want and know you deserve.

Doris Simeone Net Worth

Doris Simeone who doubles as an entrepreneur, a TV presenter, compere, and an actress has an estimated net worth of $100,000 (N36 million)

9 Fun Facts About Doris Simeone

  1. Doris Simeon was born in Lagos but her parents hail from Okpella in Benin, Edo state. She was born into a polygamous family but grew up with her mother in the Ojota area of Lagos.
  2. Doris’s first appearance on screen was on comedy series, Papa Ajasco produced by Wale Adenuga Productions.
  3. She doesn’t have a university degree but she has a diploma in Production Management from the PEFTI film institute owned by Wale Adenuga.
  4. She met her former husband, Daniel Ademinokan on the set of a movie location in 2006. Daniel was the director of the movie titled Omo Jaiye Jaiye.
  5. Doris and Daniel have a son together named David. He was born on April 4, 2008.
  6. In 2008, Doris Simeon won an AMAA for the Best Indigenous actress for her role in ‘Onitemi’ which she produced. This movie was also directed by Daniel Ademinokan.
  7. Some of Doris Simeon’s biggest movies were directed by her ex-husband. These include Ghetto Dreamz, Omo Jaiye Jaiye, Onitemi, and Modupe Temi,
  8. Apart from acting, Doris hosts a show Faaji Extra on DSTV. She also has a shop where household tools are sold in Ogba while she is a brand ambassador for Ribena.
  9. Doris Simeon played Dagrin’s girlfriend in the late rapper’s biopic, Ghetto Dreamz which was produced by Ope Banwo and directed by her ex-hubby, Daniel Ademinokan.
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