Edoka Ogbodo (Frezzy) Biography, Career & Net Worth


Present-day Nigerian songs have witnessed a fair amount of fusion within genres, from fusing Afropop with Afrobeat, to Dancehall and Raggae and Raggae with Afrobeat, the need and the quest to fuse two or more genres have been an indication that Nigerian musicians have become adept in their quest to master the versatility that music comes with.

Such can be said of Edoka Ogbodo who is commonly known by his stage name ‘Frezzy’; a budding musician and songwriter that fuses Raggae with Afrobeat.

This post contains the biography of Edoka Ogbodo, popularly known as Frezzy.

Edoka Ogbodo (Frezzy) Biography

Edoko Ogbodo (Frezzy) Biography

Edoka Ogbodo (born April 14, 1996), commonly known by his stage name Frezzy is a Nigerian Reggae and Afrobeat fusion singer and songwriter from Benue State. He is known for his popular club songs such as ‘Chop Knuckle’ and ‘Na Luck’. Frezzy won the 2018 Eko Radio FM Music Award for ‘Best Singer of the Year’

Early Life

Frezzy is the last born of three siblings. He attended Aiodu Primary School, Ukwo Owukpa before proceeding to St. James International college at Ukwo Owukpa, in Benue State. He was born and brought up in Ogbadibo Local Government, alongside his parents and siblings in the middle belt.


Freezy started his professional music career at the age of 17 years, with two of his friends who share his music ideology to become musicians, while he continued his studies. The three formed a local band with the intent of having a wide reach in their pursuit.

The local band was made up of two rappers, with Frezzy as the singer.

Not too long, the group was disbanded owing to lack of finance and financial sponsors, prompting them to seek individual glory. Frezzy, in his quest to become successful at his craft, went solo.

Knowing it was not enough to sing, Frezzy started listening and studying Jamaican mainstream artistes such as Sean Paul and Shaggy on television. Something that would later inspire his debut hit song ‘Na Luck’.

His debut enjoyed a fair amount of air time and turned attention his way. It was accepted in no time, particularly in the Northern part of the country. In 2018, Frezzy was invited to perform at the Eko Music Award.


1. Na luck
2. Chop knuckle
3. Groove
4. Favour
5. Waka

Frezzy Net Worth

Frezzy believes he is the least Nigerian celebrity with an estimated net worth of N100 (one hundred Naira only).

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