Elizabeth Ajibola (Maami Igbagbo) Biography & Net Worth

Real Name: Elizabeth Ajibola
Also Known As Maami Igbagbo
Net Worth N3 million
Date of Birth: April 9, 1995
State of Origin Ekiti State
Birth Place Ipoti, Ekiti
Profession: Adult Movie Actress
Nationality: Nigeria

The name ‘Elizabeth Ajibola’ might fly over many but ‘Maami Igbagbo’ is no doubt a name many have come to know as a celebrity thriving in an industry Nigerians find strange to its culture, largely because it challenges and defies their morality.

Maami Igbagbo is often associated with Kingtblak for many reasons; the duo was known together for years before going their separate ways. As a matter of fact, Kingtblak once called out popular musician, Oritsefemi for wooing his then-girlfriend, the same Maami Igbagbo. In this post, we detail the amazing story of Elizabeth Ajibola, popularly known as Maami Igbagbo.

Elizabeth Ajibola (Maami Igbagbo) Biography

Maami Igbagbo

Elizabeth Ajibola Omotayo Igbagbo (born April 9, 1995), popularly known as Maami Igbagbo, is a Nigerian adult movie actress, adult movie producer, and director born in Ipoti, in Ekiti, southwest Nigeria. She started her adult movie career as one of the stooges of Kingtblak before breaking away to pursuing a solo career in the Nigerian adult movie industry. She is the first of five children.

Early Years

Although Igbagbo was born in Ekiti, she had her primary and secondary school education in Ikorodu, Lagos. Shortly after, around 2016, she got admission offers into tertiary institutions but could not proceed because she lost her mother the same year, to the cold hands of death. Her mum, who was the sole breadwinner of the entire family, had wanted her to have her tertiary education in a private university.

After she lost her mother, her mother’s siblings shared whatever properties she left behind, leaving Igbagbo and four siblings with nothing to fall back on. Sadly, her parents never lived together. Her dad, very much alive but never cared about her kids and how they fared.


A devasted Igbagbo who was born with a silver spoon naively shouldered the responsibilities of her siblings alongside some extended family members who depended on her mum by enrolling in a clinic as an auxiliary nurse.

A year and a half later, Igbagbo abruptly ended her auxiliary nurse pursuit after total dependence by the extended family seemed overwhelming as she wasn’t making enough to sustain her younger siblings and those who depended on her. With no hope of help in sight, Igbagbo who had been pressured by several, well-to-do individuals who should have helped her suggested she slept with them for what she wanted.

Fate would eventually bring Igbagbo and Kingtblak together under whom the former learnt a lot before leaving to pursue a solo career in the adult movie industry. Alongside, Peace Olayemi and Lady Gold, Maami Igbagbo joined in the frenzy of Tblak’s harem and remained as the topmost of his girls for nearly two years before they all went their separate ways.

Today, Maami Igbagbo is the reigning and foremost adult movie actress in Nigeria. She constantly releases new videos almost every week on the popular adult movie website where she features several men in her videos and has gone ahead to include featuring fans who are comfortable with going all out without having to hide their identities during their shoot.

Igbagbo claims she is well to do today and would choose the adult movie life a hundred times over as it not only pay her bills but puts in her in total control of her life.

As to whether or not she is bothered about the backlash and judgemental nature of Nigerians being conservatives, Igbagbo confirms she is unbothered and has advised her grandmum whom she looks after as well as her siblings to ignore the opinions of people about her career path.

Maami Igbagbo Relationship

Prior to Maami Igbagbo leaving Tblac, she presumably had a romantic relationship with the playboy, an adult movie actor. The duo shot several sessions together, all of which are still on the Kingtblak HOC website. In a heart-wrenching revelation made by Kingtblak in January 2019, he claimed Maami Igbagbo was the only family he had as he had lost others.

Around February, the same year, Kingtblak publicly called out popular singer, Oritsefemi for hitting on ‘his girlfriend’. An obviously enraged Tblac warned Oritsefemi to steer off Maami Igbagbo and focus on his marriage.

NaijaTask can authoritatively confirm that Tblac and Maami Igbagbo are no longer together but Maami Igbagbo remains grateful to Tblac for the golden opportunity she got.

Maami Igbagbo Net Worth

Elizabeth Ajibola, popularly known as Maami Igbagbo makes a living as an adult movie actress by offering her videos for premium download and has an estimated net worth of N3 million.

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