List of Endangered Species in the World


Endangered species are defined as those group of animals or plant origin who are in a situation in which their permanence on the planet is at risk, which can end up in the total disappearance of that species if they are not created the necessary measures in order to thrive and multiply.

The danger of extinction in a species can be the result of different elements, one of them, for example, is the predation on that species or the absence of vital resources which are needed for such animals to survive and thrive in a habitat.

It may be a consequence of human action, in terms of modifications in a specific habitat or due to climate action, that is, natural disasters.

When is a species considered endangered?

A species is considered extinct when none of the individuals belonging to it has not been free in nature for no less than 50 years. On the other hand, when a species is close to being considered endangered, it is referred to as a threatened species.

A terminology that is closely related to the danger of extinction is the conservation status of the species, which serves as a tool that indicates the possibilities that a given species be preserved in the medium and short term, that state takes into account elements such as the population levels of the species, its distribution in nature, its predators, etc.

At present there is a list of the conservation of the species, created by IUCN (International Union for the Conservation of Nature), in which taxa are classified according to two categories, in one it includes those individuals who they are in danger of disappearance and they are identified as “endangered”, while the other group encloses those species whose danger of extinction is much greater and they are referred to as “critical danger”

Currently, in regards to the kingdom animal, more than 2,300 taxa are classified as endangered, while more than 1,500 are in critical condition, reason whereby government entities have created various measures to try to protect these species. Below is a list of endangered species.

List of Endangered Species

Presently, there are about 41 endangered species in the world. They are:

1. African Wild Dog

2. Amur Leopard

3. Amur Tiger

4. Asian Elephant

5. Bengal Tiger

6. Black-Footed Ferret

7. Black Rhino

8. Black Spider Monkey

9. Blue Whale

10. Bluefin Tuna

11. Bonobo

11. Borneo Pygmy Elephant

12. Bornean Orangutan

13. Chimpanzee

14. Eastern Lowland Gorilla

15. Fin Whale

16. Galapagos Penguin

17. Giant Panda

18. Green Turtle

19. Hawksbill Turtle

20. Hector’s Dolphin

21. Humphead Wrasse

22. Indian Elephant

23. Indochinese Tiger

24. Indus River Dolphin

25. Javan Rhino

26. Leatherback Sea Turtle

27. Loggerhead Sea Turtle

28. Malayan Tiger

29. Mountain Gorilla

30. North Atlantic Right Whale

31. Pangolin

32. Snow Leopard

33. Sea Lions

34. Sei Whale

35. Sri Lankan Elephant

36. Sumatran Elephant

37. Sumatran Orangutan

38. Sumatran Rhino

39. Sumatran Tiger

40. Western Lowland Gorilla

41. Yangtze Finless Porpoise

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