How to Fix ‘Ad Serving Has been Limited’ on Google AdSense


Google AdSense is undoubtedly the best-preferred ad network in the world, all thanks to its simplicity. Unfortunately, being the best has its ugly sides; making drastic decisions without having to be specific to millions of publishers is just one of the ugly sides of AdSense. Regardless, it is not deterred publishers from walking away.

Among the many decisions that cripple publishers on AdSense is the second most dreaded ‘Ad Serving Has been Limited‘ notice, after the ultimate ‘Account disabled’ notice.

You are probably reading this because ad serving has been limited on your AdSense account and wondering how to fix it in order to get your account running smoothly so you can earn again. Although the AdSense team only gives a vague idea of what causes the restriction, there is no explicit or detailed guides on what to do as a publisher when you are hit other than ‘avoid invalid traffic’.

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In this post, we discuss the possible ways to fix ‘Ad Serving Has been Limited’ on Google AdSense and how best to do so within a very short period of time.

How to Fix ‘Ad Serving Has been Limited’ on Google AdSense

Below are possible ways to fix limited ad serving restriction on Google AdSense:

1. Review your traffic sources

Although many publishers claim they have no idea why their AdSense account was slapped with limited ad serving, the reason isn’t far fetched. Invalid traffic concerns seem to be the primary reason for limited ad serving on Google AdSense and the first thing to do when you see this notice on your dashboard is to review your traffic sources. If most of your traffic are from social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter or from other websites, then it is why your AdSense account is hit with limited ad serving.

Ideally, your primary traffic source should be search engines. Anything short of this is trouble for you and your site.

2. Focus on quality traffic

Quality traffic here is not about the tier but the source. Quality traffic is organic traffic and is considered THE ‘valid traffic’ by AdSense. If your page views are within the range of 50-200 daily, then it means your site is unfit for AdSense. But AdSense has no traffic requirement, right? True, but you need lots of visitors to earn decently from AdSense. With a daily page view of just 200 or lesser, it might take you a long while to make $100 which is the minimum threshold.  Write quality contents to get more visitors to your website and earn with the right kind of traffic, the quality kind!

3. Paste more ad codes!

This might be considered strange or weird. I mean, your account is temporarily restricted from serving ads and you are asked to paste more codes. It doesn’t make, we know. Note that AdSense need to ascertain your traffic, and possibly their behaviours, meaning more ad codes would mean your impressions, albeit, little compared to what it was would go up a bit with more ad codes on your site.

Certain Publishers have chosen to go in search of AdSense alternatives when their account is restricted while some, in a fit of rage and frustration removed all AdSense codes from their websites, while monitoring their dashboard and thinking the restriction would be lifted at some point. How naive! The longer ad codes remain on your site in their numbers, the quicker the process in studying and investigating your traffic.

4. Review ad placements

Although we mentioned that you should paste more ad codes when your AdSense account is restricted with limited ad serving, we make bold to say you should apply caution and not place ads in places or areas to close to contents or clickable elements. If you have been in the business or deceiving your visitors with certain texts that cause them to click on ads without knowing it or coercing them to, then you need to have a rethink at this point.

It is time to review those ad positions to not only prevent invalid traffic but invalid clicks which could cause your account to be disabled permanently.

5. Avoid Paid Traffic

This cannot be overemphasized. Sadly, many Publishers are unaware that AdSense does not like paid traffic. It is quite disturbing that most publishers heavily rely on either paid traffic or some third party websites for traffic to their sites. This is not only bad but dangerous. At all costs, avoid it. If your AdSense account is restricted via limited ad serving already, by all means, stop sending traffic to your site from those sources and embrace organic (search engine) sources.

Wrapping Up!

It is possible to get thousands of visitors and still have your AdSense account restricted by ads limiting, just because your traffic is inorganic. Be sure your traffic source is mostly organic and you have more than enough visitors. On how long it takes to complete investigating your traffic largely depends on the influx of your visitors and where they are coming from. NigerianWiki‘s was restored after one week of following through with the above.

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