GTBank iRefer: Everything You Need to Know about GTBank Affiliate Program


Have you ever thought about a way of making money through affiliate marketing with Nigerian Banks? Have you ever thought of a possible way you could make money just by having friends and family or even anyone register or sign up using your referral code? Well, then, this post is for you. With the iRefer initiative by GTBank, this is very much possible! It is as fun and as easy as it comes.

GTBank is no doubt one of Nigeria’s most initiative bank. Being the bank with the first e-branch initiative, a self-service electronic branch that allows customers of the bank carry out over 65 percent of all of their transactions without having to step foot in the bank, to GTExpress, an agent banking service that lets GTBank customers access financial services at strategic but convenient designations.

GTBank has been one of the banks at the fore of innovation and technology in the banking industry in Nigeria and it is no wonder the bank enjoys a fair market share of the Nigerian populace.

What is GTBank iRefer?

iRefer is a customer referral initiative which allows GTBank customers to get rewarded for inviting their family, colleagues, and friends to open and maintain accounts with the bank.

The iRefer scheme by GTBank is an opportunity for customers of the bank to get ‘the word out’ about the bank, follow-up on them and get rewarded for it in the end. GTBank customers who are interested in the iRefer scheme must fill, complete and submit their iRefer form through any of the following channels:

  • GTBank branches nationwide
  • GTBank Internet Banking Platform

Why GTBank iRefer?

  • You make passive income by referring prospects to the bank
  • Earning is limitless! The more you refer, the greater your earning
  • You get notified periodically over your performance as well as your earnings
  • Prospects have an array of accounts to choose from, thereby increasing engagement classes, etc.

What You Need to Know About GTBank iRefer

  • As a GTBank customer, you get N100 (hundred Naira) for every successful referral
  • The unique code is not a link similar to affiliate links on the internet.
  • You don’t need to own a blog, a website or an internet-enabled phone to earn
  • Your referred family/friend receives an e-mail prompting them to open a GTBank account.
  • An iRefer code is generated for every family, friends, and colleagues you refer.
  • As a customer, you can refer as many people as you want.
  • When a referral is initiated through any of the channels, a unique identifier code would be generated for the referrer while the prospect would be notified.
  • The below GTBank accounts can only be opened under the iRefer scheme:
    • Current Account
    • GTInstant Account
    • GTMax
    • GTSave Account
    • Seniors
    • E-Account
    • GTCrea8 eSavers Account
  • The unique referrer’s code must be supplied by prospects when a referral account is to be opened. This would make the bank recognize the referral. Without it, the referral will not be recognized.
  • A referrer is disqualified from earning additional cash rewards on a prospect after receiving the cash reward on the same prospect.
  • Referrers shall only be entitled to the Cash Reward upon the fulfillment of all the under listed conditions as will be confirmed by GTBank in its sole and absolute discretion:
    • The correct Referral Code must be used in opening the Referral Account.
    • A GTBank Naira MasterCard must be collected and activated by the Prospect;
    • The Prospect must carry out at least one transaction on the Referral Account; and
    • The Referral Account must have been active for a minimum period of one (1) month from the date it was opened.
  • The conditions for redeeming the Cash Reward must be fulfilled within six (6) months from the date a Referrer introduces a Prospect to GTBank, after which the Referrer will forfeit the Cash Reward.
Note that GTBank would pay into your account as a referrer. Your details are gotten when you filled the iRefer form and can only get paid off a prospect once, regardless of the size or funds with which they used in transacting with the bank.
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