Top 100+ High DA Blog Commenting Sites 2019


Blog Commenting is not a new backlink building strategy. As a matter of fact, it is one of the oldest, if not the oldest link building strategy known to bloggers or publishers all over the world.

There have been debates whether or not building backlinks via blog commenting is still relevant in today’s world, particularly when it was rumoured at some point whether or not Google was planning on ignoring links in order to rank websites.

The idea of building backlinks through blog comments used to be very disturbing as fears of being flagged as spam by Google was always a thing to consider. The idea of being penalized is one as well. And with Google’s ever-dynamic update on its search engine, one had no idea on what to expect.

So today we want to share with you our carefully selected list of 100+ high quality and High Domain Authority Blogs for commenting ranging from different categories and niches.

 List of 100+ High DA Blog Commenting Sites (With High DA) 2019

According to a former Google search insider, Matt Cutts;

You need not worry if you are building links through comments which are relevant and meaningful to the blog.

Matthew Woodward, in his post, talked about backlinks from blogs and their effectiveness in August 2019. So it is not something to brush aside even as the debate as to whether or not they are important continues.

Blog Commenting

Advantages of Blog Commenting?

Does blog commenting come with any advantage at all? The simple answer is YES! Blog commenting is very necessary because it enables you to connect, interact and build trust with your blog readers, Without them, your blog is as good as an online page with some piece of texts. Who doesn’t need the feedback? It is a major way of interacting with your readers.

So, how can you interact with your readers?

You can interact with your blog readers by replying to their comments and you can even add to your knowledge from the useful comments.

Connect with influencers in your niche: While commenting on other blogs it is necessary to also interact with influencers in your niche one way or the other. No, Your sole purpose is not just about building links they can help you reach more people, thus helping to grow your blog too.

Referral Traffic: Blog comments can drive referral traffics to you. they might be few or many, it depends on how serious you take blog commenting.

Boosts new site: It can also help you to boost your new site.

Steps to writing a flawless blog comment

First, find blogs related to your niche that accept blog commenting. Make sure you leave a useful comment that is relevant, don’t ignore this fact. We have carefully selected some high-quality blogs with their Domain Authority (DA) where you can do blog commenting for your specific niche.

Always check and verify to make sure the blog has a  high DA (Domain Authority) of at least 30. You can simply use the Mozbar to check the DA of the site. To make it easier for you, we also mentioned the Blog DA alongside with the link.

Tip: Avoid blogs that use Facebook Comment system because you will never get a Dofollow link from them, apart from that you may also miss on some juicy referral traffic. Most people who use these commenting system integrated it to avoid spam (And Google Penalty)

***Do not comment on blogs that already have spam comments.

It is very much advisable to avoid blogs that have spam comments. I recommend using DropMyLink  to find the right blog to comment on; you can find blogs to comment on ranging from .edu, .gov, .com and CommentLuv enabled blog and more.

Useful Tip:  Make sure your comment is at least 100 words longs because the longer the comment the better for you, and always read the blog post before commenting, to avoid commenting off-topic.

Blog Commenting Tips

  1. Link to your blog post or home page while doing blog commenting
  2. Make emphasis if needed and mention highlights of the post.
  3. Ask relevant questions, or help admin provide answers to already asked questions. (This helps you to stand out from the crowd)

List of High DA Internet Marketing, SEO, Social Media Marketing Blogs for Blog Commenting

List of High DA Tech blogs for Blog Commenting 2019

List of High DA Fitness and Health blogs for Blog Commenting 2019

List of High DA Finance and Risk Management blogs for Blog Commenting 2019

List of High DA Travel blogs for doing blog Commenting 2019

List of High DA Lifestyle blogs for Blog Commenting Purpose 2019

Wrapping Up

With the above list you can start doing blog commenting and start building backlinks immediately but make sure your comment is relevant to the post and at least 100 words, please let us know below if there is any other quality website we missed to add to our list and we will consider adding it to  the Fresh List of 100+ High DA Blog Commenting Sites 2019.
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