How many cigarettes are in a bottle of wine?


Drinking a bottle of wine a week is equivalent to smoking 5 to 10 cigarettes a week in terms of increased cancer risk, according to a recent study. But which is better between cigarettes and 

“How many cigarettes are in a bottle of wine? The question is surprising. Researchers at the University Hospital of Southampton (UHS) in England answered in their study ” How many cigarettes are there in a bottle of wine? Using public health data from the UK, researchers calculated the absolute risk of developing a cancer-related lifetime of alcohol or tobacco over a lifetime.

According to their findings, drinking a bottle of wine a week would be equivalent to ten cigarettes a week for a woman and five for a man. In addition, alcohol increases the risk of cancer of the digestive system (liver, esophagus) in humans, while in women it increases the risk of breast cancer. In short, according to the study, if 1,000 men and 1,000 women drank a bottle of wine a week, 10 men and 14 women would develop cancer.

The study shows once again that neither alcohol nor tobacco consumption has any impact on health.

In many countries, including Nigeria where the number of smokers has risen significantly, the communication against smoking never paid. For alcohol, we are satisfied with an informative message on the label and a minimum regulation (prohibition of sale under 18 years).

The carcinogenic risks of alcohol are less well known, and scientists at the Department of Hepatology at the University of Southampton, who decided to use the cigarette as the equivalent unit of measurement, deplore this.

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