How to Clear GOtv/DStv E16, E48-32, E30 Error Codes


Clearing error codes on GOtv can be a major problem, particularly when you have an active subscription and you can’t access your favourite shows on the cable television. Whether E16, E48-32, E30 errors on either GOtv or DStv, none of them is in any way fun to experience.

GOtv is owned by MultiChoice, the parent company who also owns DStv and has been at the forefront of delivering entertainment to Nigerian homes for over a decade.

In this post, we talk about why these errors happen, how to fix GOtvE16, GOtvE30, GOtv E48-32, E016 and E17 error codes affecting your decoder and hindering your favourite shows from being delivered to your screen. Also, we will extend some of these error fixes to DStv since they are from the same company and their error codes mean the same.

What is E16 Error on GOtv & DStv?

The E16 error on GOtv means your subscription expired and you did not renew it. However, it is possible you renew your subscription and still ithe error message on your screen because your decoder was turned off when you made a payment or renewed your subscription. If this is the case with you, then it is a bit simple and below is how to fix the E16 error on both the GOtv and the DStv.

If your account payment is up to date, you can reset this error online using the form above or alternatively you can reset it via USSD by dialling *288#

How to fix E16 error on DStv by SMS

To fix the E16 error on DStv, follow the below steps:

  1. Create a new SMS from your mobile phone.
  2. Type RA and leave a space after it.
  3. Enter the first 10 digits of your Smart Card number.
  4. Finally, send the message to the shortcode 30333.

Example: RA 2238466019 to 30333

How to fix E16 error on DStv via website

Another way to get rid of the E16 error on DStv is to visit the official DStv website. It is a very simple way to have your E16 problem solved. All you need is:

  1. Navigate to the DStv ‘Clear Error’ section of the DStv website
  2. Select E16 as error code type
  3. Fill in your smart card number
  4. After you have selected the one you need to remove, you need to also fill the auto-generated Captcha text in.
  5. Lastly, click on ‘Clear error’.

How to Fix E16 error on DStv via USSD code

Besides the aforementioned two, you can clear the E16 error on DStv via USSD. If your account payment is up to date, you can reset this error by dialing *288#

How to Fix E16 error on GOtv via SMS

To fix your GOtv E16 error on your decoder, SMS ‘RESET’ & your ‘IUC number’ to 4688.

  1. Send an SMS from your phone to 4688.
  2. The body of the message should contain ‘RESET 1234567890‘ (That is, the word ‘RESET + IUC Number and send to 4688)
  3. Tap send

Note: Your IUC number is the number on a red label under your decoder. You must be certain you have an active subscription before doing this. If you don’t have an active subscription, the error will not be cleared.

How to Fix E16 error on GOtv via website

You can also fix the E16 GOtv error by using the official GOtv website. To do that:

  1. Navigate to the GOtv ‘clear error’ section of the  website
  2. Enter your IUC number
  3. Choose E16 as the error code to be cleared
  4. Enter the captcha code
  5. Click ‘fix error’. Done!

What is E48-32 Error on GOtv?

The GOtv E48-32 error means there is a signal problem with your decoder. The E48-32 error comes up mostly when there is heavy rainfall or when it is very windy. These conditions affect GOtv signals a lot and resort to the E48-32 error. It could also mean there is a problem with your cable or its connection, hence why it generates the error.

How to Fix E48-32 Error on GOtv

When you see the E48-32 error suddenly on your screen while watching your favourite GOtv show, just wait it out; the signal should return on its own when the weather clears. If the weather is clear, you might have to check your cable connection for either a cable cut or reconnect your GOtv cable properly to the back of your decoder.

You can also follow the steps below to fix your GOtv E48-32 error

  • Check if the antenna is properly connected to the decoder if it isn’t, sure to connect it properly.
  • Tap on the OK button to see the signal information
  • Go to Menu>Advanced>Installation – click on Auto scan
  • If the error is not a general issue from GOTV, channel 48 and 52 will come up for you.
  • When the scanning is complete, you see Channel 99. If it doesn’t come up, you will need to rescan to have access to all channels you paid for.

The E30 means your GOtv decoder has been switched off or there was no signal available for a long time. This often affects people with unfixed E48-E32 errors that did not fix their error issue.

How to Fix Error E30 on GOtv

To fix error E30 on your GOtv decoder, be sure your subscription has been paid in full. When this has been confirmed, ensure your decoder is switched on and SMS reset alongside your IUC number 4688 to clear the error message displayed on your decoder. (read ‘how to fix E16 error via SMS‘)

Clearing GOtv/DStv error codes via email

To clear your GOtv error codes via email, you must send your IUC number to and request reactivation, you should get an email response instantly. You can also direct them to fix whatever issues plague your decoder.

GOTv/DStv/Multichoice Customer Service Number

Perhaps you are not satisfied, the GOtv customer care line numbers are 012723232 and 08039003788.

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