How to Receive Google AdSense Earnings via Payoneer


Receiving Google AdSense earnings via Payoneer is pretty much simple; just like any other means on AdSense. For anyone who monetizes their website or blog with Google AdSense it is important to know how you can collect your earnings with this advertising company, many have the disadvantage when opening an account on that platform and not being able to collect their earnings in dollars because they do not live in the States United. This one problem affects a lot of people who are not resident in the United State but somehow settled for USA AdSense. Call it ignorance, a deliberate attempt without an iota of its eventual repercussions among other things. 

More often than not, some do so to avoid settling for the official exchange rate and would rather take their hard, earned USDs to the black market to have it change since the exchange rates are fairly good there, compared to what is obtainable with financial institutions. To do this over time, some have not been able to get a domiciliary account while some suggest using the Western Union option is much better.

In my personal opinion, receiving AdSense earnings by Western Union is not really a good idea  since the revenues in the currency that are wanted are not often available, which in this case could be the USD, Pounds or Euro, and to be able to dispose of the income in that currency, it is necessary charging by bank transfer, however many have the problem of not having a bank account in the USA and it must be clear that opening an account there is somewhat tedious.

Well, it is one of the reasons we have global funding/receiving platforms such as Payoneer today – to receive money from anyone, any organization directly in the world, most importantly, without having to open multiple accounts.

What Payoneer is about

Payoneer was founded in 2005 as an alternative so that people living in any part of the world could collect their income through an account in the USA, without having to open it by going to that country, among the companies that most stand out to receive payments you have Google AdSense and the program of associates of Amazon United States .

Payoneer offers the possibility of having a bank account in First Century Bank or Bank of America of the United States with a code and account number in the name of the holder, it should be noted that bank transfers can only be received from business accounts more non-personal and only from within the same country since the account does not have an IBAN code to receive international payments from other nations ; In case you want to receive a payment from a company from another nation through Payoneer, you must indicate to the qualified personnel of that business that they can only pay you from a business bank account of a US bank.

Payoneer: Alternative to Receiving AdSense Earnings

This company par excellence is the perfect alternative to collect the earnings that are received from Google AdSense, the first thing to do is register with Payoneer, once the registration is completed and the requested form is filled out, they will send you a card Prepaid MasterCard to the address you registered with them for that reason it is important that all your data is real, since this company is very serious and is backed by two large banks in the United States, you should keep in mind that depending on the country where you are and Customs procedures the prepaid card can take from one to two months to arrive and its sending is completely free, once the card is received it must be activated by entering the account and following the steps indicated there.

Payoneer is very popular in tier two and three countries because of the strict exchange control they have. Their citizens have had to look for alternatives to receive and collect income in foreign currency, being a way to cope with the difficult economic situation they live Constantly, many work online and use Payoneer as one of the means with which they receive their earnings.

How to Receive Google AdSense Earnings via Payoneer

Receiving Google AdSense earnings via Payoneer is very simple but you must take into account certain things before you can do it. First of all, the AdSense account must be registered with a United States address since if you have it with the address of another country then only You can charge for Western Union or use either your bank account number or a domiciliary account number.

You have to ask a friend or family member who lives in the US to allow you to register your AdSense account under your tax address so that when you reach the minimum amount of $ 10 you can verify the account using the pin that Google will send to your address, according to the US laws today if a person receives payments there but is not a resident and not a citizen, such are completely exempted from taxes.

Steps to Set up Payoneer on AdSense

Once the AdSense account is valid you can register the payment method you will use to collect your earnings, which in this case would be bank transfer. when you select it, you will have to go to your Payoneer account, click on ‘Receive’ and then go to the option ‘GLOBAL PAYMENT SERVICE.’ On that page, you will find all the account information to receive payments and simply with the data that appears there; you have to fill out the form that Google asks to register the bank account to which the money transfers will be made. Once everything is registered and is correct you only have to reach a minimum of 100 dollars to receive the first payment of AdSense.

Google AdSense: Payoneer or Western Union?

It is much better to collect Google AdSense earnings by Payoneer than to do it via Western Union since the money will be paid in dollars and with the prepaid card, you can make purchases in many establishments worldwide and online stores such as Amazon, eBay, AliExpress or any other website or store where MasterCard is accepted.

Another advantage of having a Payoneer account is that they only charge a commission of $ 29 per year for account maintenance. All electronic transactions that are made will be 100% commission free and if you want to withdraw money for ATMs, the company charges a commission of $4 for each withdrawal made.

Conclusions about Payoneer

Payoneer is an excellent alternative to receiving payments from many companies worldwide. Always be clear that transfers must be within the United States, once you have an available balance in the account people can have their money as they want and even make payments to your suppliers. If you work online using advertising companies to monetize your blog or you are freelancer using Payoneer is the best option you can choose to receive your earnings.

Registration on Payoneer is completely free and they only charge an annual fee of $29 for maintenance, in case the account is not used, nothing will be charged and it will not be closed but once the commission is used, it will be charged every twelve months. Using this payment processor is the best thing to do since banks charge higher fees for maintenance and transactions monthly.

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