How to Subscribe to MTN Pulse InstaBinge Packages


MTN Pulse InstaBinge bundle is a newly announced plan from MTN Nigeria, that allows users on Instagram to enjoy ultimate browsing with 1GB for N200 and 250MB for N100.

Making it the most cheapest plan for the social app, as of today. Fortunately, all MTN users can activate this MTN Pulse InstaBinge bundle, without any need of registering a new SIM card or whatsoever.

It is understandable that Instagram is a photo and video-sharing social networking service owned by Facebook, Inc. And they are known as a platform where you can easily sit around and watch unlimited videos ranging from football, funny, amazing, etc.

Unlike the recent MTN Deal Zone offer, that mandatory need your SIM to be dormant for the past 30 days, to be eligible, the recent MTN Pulse InstaBinge bundle is also a portable platform for you to enjoy those videos, stream through photos/pictures, and videos.

Users on Instagram (like me) keeps on complaining about using high-bandwidth of data usage but MTN has come to relieve us.

What does MTN Pulse InstaBinge Offer?

Now that you understand MTN’s aim, concerning the Pulse InstaBinge bundle. The next step to greatness is to understand and be very much sure of what they are offering.

With the MTN Pulse InstaBinge bundle, you can easily migrate to pulse and enjoy access to Instagram any time of the day at a special rate. And MTN has made is available in two bundles rate.

The first rate is N100 that gives you 250MB while the other is N200 that gives you 1GB data plan. But understand that the InstaBinge bundle is exclusive to Pulse tarrif users, you must migrate before enjoying it.

How to Activate MTN Pulse InstaBinge bundle

You can subscribe to this MTN bundle is two different ways, there is the option to subscribe via USSD code and the other by SMS message box. But first, let know how to subscribe to MTN Pulse InstaBinge bundle by USSD code:

  • Switch on your phone and insert your SIM card
  • Migrate to Pulse by dialing *406*1#
  • Now dial *406*5#
  • Choose 1 for Instagram 250MB @ N100
  • Or you can choose 2 for 1GB @ N200
  • Then choose 1 (Proceed with purchase of 1GB @ N200)
  • It’ll automatically be activated
  • Launch your Instagram app
  • Start enjoying
  • That’s all

Happy Surfing!

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