How to Transfer Airtime Credit On Airtel Network (Me2U)

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Transferring Airtime on Airtel (Airtel Me2U) is no rocket science, particularly when the right information to do so is at your disposal. If that is your intent, then look no further and read on!

The Airtel Me2U service is a special service by Airtel that allow subscribers to share airtime between themselves (from one Airtel line to another). The Me2U service is fast, free and easy.

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How To Change Me2U Password on Airtel

Follow the below instruction to change your Airtel Me2U password:

  1. Send a message to 432. The message should contain the word ‘PIN YOUR OLD PIN and NEW PIN)
  2. Example is (PIN 1234 1759) then send to 432.
  3. Done!

How To Transfer Airtime Credit on Airtel Me2U

Transfer Airtime on Airtel (by SMS)

Follow the steps below to transfer airtime credit on Airtel Me2U by SMS:

***To transfer airtime on Airtel, type 2U’ followed by the ‘Amount‘ and the ‘Phone Number’ (you would like to transfer airtime to) and your 4-digit PIN.

Example: If you wish to transfer N100 to 08021234567 and your pin is 1759, then send: “2U N100 08021234567 1759” to 432.

Transfer Airtime on Airtel (by USSD)

Follow the steps below to transfer airtime credit on Airtel Me2U using USSD code:

  1. Simply dial *166*Amount*Airtel number#
  2. Select the send airtime option
  3. Write the required denomination, then the password and then Ok. or

Note: You will be charged N10 on every successful transfer on your Airtel line.

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