iPhone: How To Best Avoid AirDrop Harassment With Photos


In busy environments, an unintentionally sent photo appears on the iPhone screen: This only happens if you have AirDrop configured incorrectly. To protect yourself from harassment and unwarranted intrusion, your device must be properly configured.

With Apple’s data transfer technology AirDrop files wirelessly exchanges between two iOS devices. effortlessly.

By default, the exchange only works with saved contacts. However, if you set AirDrop to receive files from everyone, you may one day also receive unwanted photos.

Photo comes with a preview on the display

AirDrop: Request for acceptance of a photo










There have been reports that people get sent via AirDrop unwanted and sometimes obscene photos. Here, a preview of the photo appears on the display – provided with the note that someone wants to send it. Unfortunately, there is no way to prevent this preview.

To protect yourself, AirDrop is best set so that only contacts or no one can send files. That’s about in the control center. Here you keep the field for a long time pressed with the symbols for WLAN, Bluetooth, mobile radio reception and flight mode, with devices with the function 3DTouch a firm pressure suffices.

In the following menu, a symbol for AirDrop appears in the bottom left corner. You can choose whether no one, contacts or all can send a file. Alternatively, the settings for AirDrop can also be found in the “Settings” under “General / AirDrop”.

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