King Power Biography, Profile & Net Worth


Nigerians are very much known for living the opulent life and King Power is not an exception of the unwritten Nigerian rule about how one’s wealth should be flashed before the world.

Perhaps it is one major reason why many have come to believe those who genuinely work for money will not show off as such. Sadly, we at NigerianWiki beg to disagree. Not many are wired to live modest lives. As much as Floyd Mayweather is known to be a boxer, he is one human who has a penchant for flaunting his material gains and King Power is not in any way different.

King Power Biography & Profile

King Power

King Power is an American-based Nigerian billionaire, musician, record label owner (King Power Entertainment) and social media celebrity with a fair amount of influence in the American music industry and within the American celebrity class.

King Power Instagram handle reveals that the Nigerian ‘Big Boy’ not only has a penchant for displaying his wealth but also an intriguing love for diamonds and gold, particularly on accessories, such as wristwatches, sunglasses, chains, and pendants.

A trip to King Power’s Instagram handle reveals he knows a fair amount of American celebrities mostly from the entertainment/sporting world. His page reveals meeting with celebrities such as Floyd Mayweather, Tyga, R&B singer Joe, Ricardo Allicock, Jamaica’s Ambassador to the United States, UFC Light Heavyweight Champion and Hollywood star Quinton “Rampage” Jackson, Black Eyed Peas, and many more

King and Mayweather

Although there is no official website for ‘King Power Entertainment’, we can authoritatively confirm that King Power, as a musician only has a few songs to his belt. His YouTube channel has less than 7 videos, mostly with just American celebrities.

Reports in some quarters suggest King Power is not who he claims he is and that the music ‘thing’ is a front for what he truly does. Recall that Dubai-based Nigerian big boy, Mompha who also had a penchant for flaunting millions of Dollars in cash was arrested by the Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC), in a joint mission with the Interpol after he fled Dubai for Nigeria secretly.

King Power Controversy

King Power

Despite being seen as new in the entertainment world, King Power has started stirring controversies. On the 4th of November, King Power claimed he would sign Nigeria’s richest musician, Davido, for $100 million to his record label. The claim went viral almost immediately because Davido is Nigeria’s richest musician presently. In January, Davido was touted as Nigeria’s richest Instagram celebrity of 2019, ahead of his close rival, Wizkid.

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King Power Net Worth

King Power

King Power’s display of wealth on Instagram suggests that the Nigerian ‘big boy’ is indeed very wealthy. He claimed he would sign Davido whose net worth is $16 million to his record for $100 million. His customized limo, and array of customized gold chains, diamonds and massive display of cash projects ‘the billionaire’s estimated net worth to be well over $100 million.

King Power Source of Wealth

For someone who brags about signing Nigeria’s richest musician (Davido), King Power, besides being known as an upcoming musician and a record label owner with no presence on cyberspace, nothing is known about his source of wealth. Perhaps rumour mills suggesting the ‘billionaire’ who basks in flaunting luxurious material gains on Instagram is not as ‘legit’ as believed. His Instagram account has no descriptive bio about what he does, neither has he come out to share how he makes his money.

King Power Entertainment

Below are a couple of videos from King Power entertainment.

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