KingTblakHOC Biography & Net Worth


Kingtblakhoc is a fairly popular Nigerian figure and celebrity, known for a craft that is not necessarily accepted in the Nigerian terrain – adult movie. He is seen as the pacesetter for core adult movies in Nigeria, even though there had been softcore adult movie productions before his emergence.

Kingtblakhoc’s rise to fame in Nigeria was swift, largely because he took on an industry and an aspect of production most would never dream of venturing into. Upon his emergence, Nigerians never stopped asking who his parents are why they looked on till their son turned out the way he did. But of course, this was the sanctimonious aspect of Nigerians at work. His viewership and followership shot up greatly, making him one of the most controversial celebrities in Nigeria.

Kingtblakhoc Biography

Tobiloba Isaac Jolaoso (born 12 May 1993), popularly known as Kingtblakhoc or KingTblak HOC, is Nigerian male adult movie film actor, adult movie producer, director, and father of one from Osun State, South West, Nigeria. He is the first Nigerian and African male to boldly venture into the adult movie industry without having to hide his identity. He is the first child of his parents.

He attended Providence Nursery and Primary school Ikirun and then finished his secondary school education at Akinorun Grammar School, situated at Ikirun, Osun State, in 2009 and then proceeded to further his education in Malaysia till 2014 after which he returned to Nigeria and met a lady whom he had a romantic relationship with before they separated. Their brief stint of romantic affair produced a female child.


Kingtblakhoc or KingTblak HOC started his journey into the adult movie industry by posting raunchy pictures of girls on his official Instagram handle alongside his Snapchat account which was later taken down by the management of the media sharing platform.

Kingtblakhoc or KingTblak HOC, prior to venturing into the adult movie sector had tried his hands on music with his friend and producer, Samklef under the name HOC. He however left as he felt the Nigerian music industry was already saturated and thought of doing something ‘new’ led him into becoming the pioneer of the Nigerian and African adult movie industry.

After spending 3 years in Malaysia, KingTblakHOC returned to Nigeria and became recognized almost immediately by being highly controversial on social media for posting racy and raunchy pictures of girls on social media platforms.

He started off with the racy Instagram videos of him with nude and semi-nude women in his hotel room. After gaining a fair amount of social media followership, he created his website Hoclifestyle, selling his lifestyle with the women but which is now upgraded to Hochub and selling real adult movie videos of his acts with the girls. The girls will go on to become Nigeria’s first celebrity adult movie actresses. Most notable among them are Peace Olayemi and Maami Igbagbo.

Kingtblakhoc was able to successfully pull traffic to both his Instagram and Snapchat account and when he announced he had started making adult movies, Africans, namely Nigerians, Ghanaians, Tanzanians, Ivorians, and Kenyans were taken aback by the daring move, largely because Africa, generally is greatly reserved on issues relating to sexuality, adult movies and having them willingly released by the participants involved.

He showed his face in his adult videos and went as far as releasing trailers on his Instagram and Twitter handles. In no time, he became the object of ridicule and shame and was constantly insulted, abused, threatened and cursed for greatly derailing the morality Africans hold dear.

KingTblakHOC Source of Wealth

Tobiloba Isaac Jolaoso, also known as Kingtblakhoc or KingTblak HOC source of wealth was believed to be Business Email Compromise (BEC), popularly referred to as ‘Yahoo, Yahoo’ in Nigeria. It was rumoured that the young adult movie actor made a fortune from cyber fraud while in Malaysia and the proceeds were what he invested into the controversial adult movie industry he became its pioneer.

He also has boasted to be the most paying employees in Nigeria, KingTblakHOC is currently claimed to be the African version of the late Hugh Hefner, founder, and editor-in-chief of Playboy magazine.

How much does KingTblakHOC pay Girls?

KingTblakHOC reportedly pays the girls he films during their session around N150,000-N400,000 depending on a certain of factors. Whether or not the ladies allowed to have their identities shown and their consent to raw sessions.

The ‘mouth-watering’ amount caused some girls to apply as co-actors while Kingtblakhoc or KingTblak HOC bragged that he was one of the highest paying employees in Nigeria.


As if Kingtblakhoc or KingTblak HOC’s venture into adult filmmaking was not controversial enough, he was often criticized for sleeping with almost every girl without condoms. He was believed to be reckless while some claim he conducted STD and STI tests on the girls before their sessions.

Kingtblakhoc is also an atheist despite having a clergyman for a father. On several occasions, he has questioned the existence of God and even went as far as being captured placing the Holy Bible on two naked girls before proceeding to have s3x with them. The controversial video made him receive lots of criticisms and religious Nigerians termed his action as ‘blasphemy’. The event was later reported on the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA), the national television arm of Nigeria.

Kingtblakhoc HIV?

In October 2019, new pictures of an emaciated Kingtblakhoc or KingTblak HOC went viral. He looked like a shadow of his former self, making his teeming fans to probe whether or not he has contracted a viral STD. While the adult filmmaker never responded to the questions raised, many claimed he was dying.


Kingtblakhoc Net Worth

Kingtblakhoc or KingTblak HOC is an extremely controversial Nigerian adult movie actor and adult movie producer with an estimated net worth of N5 million. He makes money from premium subscriptions on his adult movie website.

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