Kuda Bank Contact Details


Kuda Bank is not new to almost everyone with a smartphone in Nigeria. It is one of Nigeria’s foremost digital banks and quite popular amongst youths and those that are young at heart.

Unlike most traditional banks and even some digital banks that charge for transactions, including SMS or email alerts monthly, using Kuda is as free as it comes! Little wonder it is referred to as “The Bank of the FREE”.

Despite growing in popularity over the years, Kuda Bank’s communication channels have left a lot of customers at the mercy of the bank and those with urgent needs have complained that Kuda would have been perfect if it has proper communication channels that customers can use in cases of emergencies.

While Kuda does not have any physical branches and says it does not need them, the digital bank has stepped up and introduced proper communication channels for its customers meaning customers can now call the bank’s customer service centre in order to have their urgent needs catered for.

How to get in touch with Kuda Bank

There are three main available channels customers can use to get in touch with Kuda Bank and they are via email, in-app chat, and call to their customer care centre.

Kuda Bank Customer Care Number

Kuda Bank customer care number is 01-633-5832. As a customer, you can call the number to get help on your Kuda account, make requests or inquiries.

Kuda Bank e-mail address

Kuda Bank email address is help@kudabank.com. As a customer, you can send an email to get help on your Kuda account, make requests or inquiries.

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