Lagos State Emergency Numbers & their Agencies


Lagos State Emergency Numbers are special service numbers that have been put in place by the Lagos State Government to make complaints, make emergency or distress calls and even report or air displeasures.

Lagos state is no doubt the most proactive state in Nigeria, with a fairly balanced structure coupled with its socio-economic stance as the economic powerhouse of Nigeria. Located in the South-Western part of Nigeria, Lagos is Nigeria’s most populated state and no doubt one of Nigeria’s most expensive states, if not the most expensive. Banana Island, Nigeria’s most expensive area is located in Lagos.

The essence of this post is to provide and list all Lagos State emergency numbers just in case you need it. Below is a list of all Lagos State emergency services, their agencies, as well as their numbers and their

List of Lagos State Emergency Numbers & Their Agencies

1. Emergency Management (LASEMA)

The Lagos State Emergency Management Agency (LASEMA) is an agency under the Lagos state government responsible for providing adequate and prompt responses as well as sustaining intervention in all forms of emergency/disaster situations within Lagos. LASEMA emergency numbers are: 08060907333, 08023127654, 08022234870, 016574706, 016574714.

2. Nigerian Police Force (NPF)

The Nigerian Police Force is saddled with the responsibility of protecting lives and properties in Nigeria. However, the Lagos state government has provided emergency numbers for Lagosians to call in cases of robbery and distress that may pose a threat to one’s security. The police emergency numbers in Lagos are: 08033011052, 08056250710, 08033183477.

3. National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA)

National Drug Law Enforcement Agency is a Federal agency in Nigeria tasked with eliminating the growing, processing, manufacturing, selling, exporting, and trafficking of hard drugs. While the NDLEA is a federal agency, its Lagos division can be reached in cases of emergencies on 0803347868.

4. Fake Drugs/ Narcotics (Task Force)

If at all you intend making a report about fake drugs sellers around you, the narcotics team are the best to call. Although the federal agency, NDLEA very much covers this, it isn’t a bad idea to go through this agency. The emergency numbers of fake drugs/narcotics agency in Lagos are 08033213799, 08034975296.

5. Environmental & Special Offences Task Force

The environment and special offences task force is saddled with the responsibilities of addressing the problems of poor sanitary conditions and indiscriminate slum settlements and shanties in Lagos State by:

  • arresting and prosecuting street traders
  • arresting and prosecuting individuals who violate traffic laws
  • arresting and prosecuting of person who converts streets and public roads for religions, social and commercial function
  • arresting and prosecuting of roadside mechanic operators
  • arresting and prosecuting of touts and persons who illegally issue tickets to motorists on public roads and streets.
  • liaising with the Lagos State Film and Census Board in arresting and prosecuting persons who sell, hawk or display pornographic videos or uncensored films.
  • liaising with LAMATA in arresting violators of BRT dedicated lanes and corridors.
  • arrest and prosecution of quarks in the medical profession; this it does in conjunction with the Ministry of Health.

Environmental & Special Offences Task Force emergency phone number is: 07055028673

6. Refuse Issues (LAWMA)

The Lagos Waste Management Authority (LAWMA) is responsible for waste management/refuse collection and disposal in Lagos. The agency, which is formerly known as Lagos State Refuse Disposal Board (LSRDB) has been at the fore of waste management in Lagos since 1977. The Lagos Waste Management Authority (LAWMA) emergency numbers are: 5577 (Toll-Free) 07080601020, 080231280997

6. Land Issues

Land Issues, no doubt, always come up quite often in Lagos. The Lagos state government has an emergency number to make findings, complaints and all land-related matters. The land issue emergency number in Lagos is: 08034030263.

7. Vehicle Registration/Drivers License (MVAA)

The Motor Vehicle Administration Agency (MVAA) is the Lagos State Government’s robust initiative structured to realize the huge potentials of modernized vehicle licensing and registration machinery for the attainment of socio-economic development and the security of life and property. MVAA emergency number is: 08029293099.

8. Tax Issues (LIRS)

LIRS is the major revenue-generating Agency of the Lagos State Government saddled with the responsibility of collecting taxes. Over the years LIRS has increased the State’s Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) by executing various pioneering programmes and implementing strategies, which have impacted positively on revenue generation and collection. The emergency numbers of the LIRS are: 08033033121, 08033047270, 014979030-4

9. Fire/Safety Services

Lagos State Fire Service is first among equal today in Nigeria noted for her efficiency and vibrancy in the discharge of her responsibilities. Presently the State Fire Service operates from 16 (sixteen) functional Fire Stations across the State. For emergency fire services in Lagos, the numbers to call are: 08033234943, 08023321770.

10. Security Trust Fund

The idea of the Security Trust Fund is creating a Trust Fund to source for funds from government, private organizations, and individuals in order to meet the operational capacity needs of security agencies particularly in the areas of logistics and provision of crime-fighting equipment in the effective discharge of their duties. The emergency phone number of the Lagos Security Trust Fund is: 08028328204.

11. Signage/Outdoor Advertising(LASAA)

The Lagos State Signage and Advertisement Agency (LASAA) is responsible for the management, regulation and control of the signage and outdoor advertising environment in Lagos State. By implication, we are responsible for managing all forms of signage and outdoor branding opportunities in the state. The emergency numbers for LASAA are 767, 112.

12. Environmental/Noise Pollution (LASEPA)

The Lagos State Environmental Protection Agency (LASEPA) is the environmental regulator for Lagos State. LASEPA’s main aim is to protect and improve the environment. They assist public and private organizations, industries, businesses and non-governmental organizations to achieve compliance by providing environment-friendly solutions to varied environmental challenges. LASEPA’s emergency number is 08033060452.

13. Cutting of Roads (LASMIRA)

LASIMRA is the only organ of the Lagos State Government mandated to regulate all types of Utility Infrastructure namely Communications, Electrical, Gas, and Water (over and under the ground). LASMIRA’s emergency number is 08033060452.

13. Broken Pipe/Water Leakage

In situations of broken pipes/water leakages, the appropriate emergency number to call is 08034068265.

14. Pothole/Collapsed Road

For potholes and collapsed roads in Lagos, the emergency number to call is 07060907493.


Complaints, inquiries, reports or whatever it is pertaining to LAGBUS, the emergency number is 08033036816.

16. BRT

For BRT complaints, inquiries or emergencies, the number to call is 08023146096.

17. Traffic Control (LASTMA)

LASTMA’s vision is to reduce deaths, injuries and economic losses through road traffic accidents, conflicts, congestion and delays on the public highways in Lagos State by employing modern traffic management techniques to inject order and control into the road traffic system in Lagos State. LASTMA’s emergency numbers are 08075005411, 08023111742, 08077551000.

18. Rapid Response Squad (RRS)

The Lagos State Anti-Crime Outfit, the Rapid Response Squad (RRS) is a security outfit put in place by the Lagos state government to curb crime and criminal activities in the state. Emergency numbers of the Rapid Response Squad (RRS) are: 08056250710, 08033482380, 08023127350, 08033355544, 017750715, 014970389, 014970062, 014931261, 014920388.

19. Citizens Mediation Center (CMC)

Citizens Mediation Centre was established by the Lagos State Government on enlargement of access to justice to provide free legal services to the needy and residents of Lagos State through an alternative dispute resolution mechanism i.e. mediation. Should you need urgent, free legal services, the Citizens Mediation Centre (CMC) emergency numbers are 08023128837, 07055003863.

20. Office of Public Defender (Public Complaints)

The Office of the Public Defender, Lagos State Ministry of Justice was established on July 24th, 2000 by the then Governor of the State, His Excellency Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, to provide free and qualitative legal services to the indigent and oppressed residents of the state. Emergency numbers of the Office of the Public Defenders in Lagos are 01-8975571, 7926928.

21. Open Corpse (SEHMU)

The Lagos State Environmental Health Monitoring Unit (SEHMU). SEHMU was birthed when an executive mandate was given by the State Governor to the Ministry of Health to take over the duty of ridding our highways and roads of corpses. Simply put, SEHMU’s aim is to rid Lagos roads and highways of open, street corpses. In case you sight an open corpse and urgently need to contact SEHMU, the emergency number to reach them on is 08034279776, 08033602259, 08023356540, 08030789190.

22. Lagos Television (News Alert)

For breaking news alerts within your neighbourhood… To be the first to share this with the state television house, the emergency number to contact Lagos Television on is 01-496728.

23. Radio Lagos/ EKO FM (News Alert)

For the radio version in breaking news or latest happenings in your immediate environment, Radio FM and EKO FM emergency phone number is 017267611.

24. Health Facilities Regulation (HEFAMA)

HEFAMAA was established in March 2006 and is charged with the responsibility of monitoring both private and public health facilities to ensure registration and in the near future, accreditation of all health facilities in Lagos State. HEFAMAA emergency numbers are: 08033229049, 08023149120.

25. Flooding/Blocked Drainage (EFAG)

To make complaints, raise concerns or urgently contact EFAG on flooding and blocked drainage issues, the emergency numbers to call are: 08056145481, 08023298197, 08096019599, 08056145484, 08055988566.

26. Environmental Monitoring

The Planning and Environmental Monitoring Authority is saddled with the responsibility of monitoring road setbacks and incidental open spaces to prevent their abuse/misuse and ensure urban aesthetics as well as coordinate site selection for location of informal businesses to ensure compliance with the State Operative Development Plan in collaboration with Physical Planning Department. The emergency numbers for the Planning and Environmental Monitoring Authority are: 0803318347078, 08043705057, 08023036632.

27. Ambulance Services (LASAMBUS/LASEMS)

Lagos State Emergency Medical Service (LASEMS) and the Lagos State Ambulance Service (LASAMBUS) are both Lagos state’s medical emergency services under the Lagos State Ministry of Health. Both services are responsible for providing quality, emergency health care services to Lagos residents who are involved in accidents such as road, industrial and marine accidents. Both run 24/7 and are available when needed. The emergency numbers for LASAMBUS and LASEMS are: 08022887777, 08022883678, 08022887788, 01-7413744, 01-7930490, 01-7639939.

28. Distressed/Collapsed Building (LASPPDA)

In collapsed building cases, the Lagos State Government has an agency in place to provide rescue. The LASPPDA emergency numbers are 01-5931947, 4933658, 4931940, 7630854.

29. Lagos State Safety Commission

The Lagos State Safety Commission was inaugurated on the 5th of May 2009 as an office of Public Safety under the Ministry of Special Duties to set safety standards for all sectors involved in the socio-economic activities in the state. For safety emergencies, the numbers to reach are 0808-100-2233 (office Line), 0803-561-8669 (DG Line).

30. Distress Call

For distress calls in Lagos, the emergency phone numbers are 767, 112.

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