Largest Networks in Nigeria by Market Share


Largest Networks in Nigeria by Market Share – Telecommunications in Nigeria has been a major source of revenue for telcos, largely because the demands for telecommunication services has grown tremendously over the years. These companies are checked by the Nigeria Communications Commission (NCC)

The biggest and largest telecommunications providers in Nigeria overtime have been Airtel, Etisalat, Globacom, and MTN. Unfortunately, Etisalat faced major challenges and forced its Saudi parent company to sell off the company which saw to its change of name from Etisalat to 9mobile. Since the switch, 9mobile services have dropped despite being one of the most expensive data providers of the four.

Airtel, on its part, has seen the company transitioned, rebirthed and renamed over the years. From Econet to V-mobile, to Celtel, Zain before settling for Airtel. It has been a struggle for the company to fairly compete against top players like MTN and Globacom for many reasons.

Despite their seeming challenges, all of these companies have struggled to take the largest chunk of market share in the Nigerian market.

In a recent data released by the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), the subscriber data revealed the present standing of the telecommunication providers in Nigeria and their market share.

Network Providers in Nigeria and their Market Share


According to the July 2019 data released by the NCC, MTN is the major largest network in Nigeria (by market share), boasting 37.4% of the Nigerian market. MTN is a South African company that has been around in Nigeria for decades. The company has remained consistent over the years and it is no surprise that it enjoys the largest market share in Nigeria.


Airtel Networks Limited, according to the July 2019 data released by the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), is the second largest network in Nigeria, overtaking indigenous company, Globacom, with a market share of 26.81%. Airtel is part of the Bharti Airtel Group of India.


According to the NCC, Airtel overtook Glo and caused it to fall behind as the third largest network in Nigeria, with a market share of 26.74%. Glo has been having series of issues over the years and more recently, a war of network with MTN over owed debt. No doubt, Glo has the cheapest data subscription packages in Nigeria, many Nigerians have berated its quality and claimed that it is slow.


9mobile is the telecommunication company with the least market share in Nigeria, according to the July 2019 data released by the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), with a market share of 9.01%. The distance between 9mobile is no doubt very huge. 9mobile, since its transformation has had a couple of issues. In 2018, it faced a major network outage which lasted more than two days. This outage, though in some states of Nigeria, saw a lot of customers port to other networks.

The total number of subscribers on the two Voice over Internet Protocol networks (VoIP) increased from 165,333 users in June to 172,111 active users in July.

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