List of all Private Universities in Nigeria


Private Universities in Nigeria are the most sought after due to many obvious reasons. They do not go on strike, academic calendars are swift and timely and above all, it is not as congested as Federal Universities which are controlled by the federal government.

No doubt, private universities in Nigeria are quite expensive, with tuition fees running from about N400,000 to N3,000,000 per session. Private universities in Nigeria are somewhat stricter than Federal universities because the school authorities subject students to rigorous and ‘unfair’ rules they must live by.

Who owns state universities in Nigeria?

State universities are owned by just any individual. However, a handful of them are owned by pastors or churches, and there are some that are owned by politicians and businessmen who are not educationists.

How many state universities are in Nigeria?

Presently, there are 79 state universities in Nigeria.

Below is a list of all private universities in Nigeria, the year they were established, their websites alongside their vice-chancellors.


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