NYSC Allowances for All States in Nigeria


Have you ever cared to know the NYSC state allowances or the amount state governments pay corps members monthly when they serve in their states? Then you have come to the right place!

The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), is an initiative set up by the Federal Government of Nigeria in 1973. The Youth Service scheme, introduced by the Yakubu Gowon Administration, was created with the aim of fostering unity and reconstruction in the nation after it was ravaged by the Nigerian civil war.

The NYSC is a compulsory scheme for all Nigerians who intend to utilize their tertiary education certificate after school. The only class of persons exempted from the scheme are those who are 30 years and above. So long you are below 30 at the time you graduated from school, know that you cannot skip it and doing so could spell trouble in the nearest future.

Every month, during the scheme, corp members are paid a stipend by the federal government. The stipend has come to be known as ‘Allawee’, a slang meaning ‘allowance’. While the stipend is just N19,800, certain state governments make corps members within their states comfortably by paying state allowance. The state allowance range from N10,000 below (for none medical corps members) and is dependent on the wealth of the state. Oil-producing states are thought to pay more than none oil-producing states, who in some cases, don’t pay at all.

The essence of the post is to shed light, at best on the amounts states pay in Nigeria to corps members and also highlight the NYSC highest state allowances. Note that this list is not ‘final authority’. Some states might have increased or reduced their NYSC state allowances at the while you’re reading this. So here goes:

NYSC Allowances for All States in Nigeria

  1. Abia state Pays ₦5,000
  2. Adamawa (we don’t know yet, help us if you do)
  3. Akwa Ibom state pays ₦4,900 monthly
  4. Anambra state pays ₦8,300 monthly (it is paid in bulk and not really monthly)
  5. Bauchi state pays ₦1,250
  6. Bayelsa – ₦3,000 to those in capital and ₦5,000 to those in rural areas.
  7. Benue (No information yet)
  8. Borno – ₦5,000
  9. Cross River – ₦5000
  10. Delta – ₦5,000.
  11. Ebonyi (EBONYI used to pay ₦9750  monthly; however, payment stalled since February 2019)
  12. Edo (No information yet)
  13. Ekiti – ₦5,000
  14. Enugu – pays ₦3,800 to those in villages and ₦1,000 to those serving in towns
  15. Gombe (No information yet)
  16. Imo – pays ₦2,000
  17. Jigawa –  pays ₦5,000
  18. Kaduna – ₦3000
  19. Kano pays a one-time sum of ₦15,000 which is approximately ₦1,200 per month
  20. Katsina (No information)
  21. Kebbi — ₦2,000 monthly
  22. Kogi (No information)
  23. Kwara – ₦25,000 monthly (paid to medical corp members)
  24. Lagos – ₦15,000 and sometimes ₦10,000 to corp members in ministries, ₦5000 to those in LGAs and ₦20,000 to medical youth corp members.
  25. Nasarawa – pays ₦5,000 monthly (₦30K paid in bulk after 6 months)
  26. Niger – used to pay ₦6,000; according to reports but not anymore.
  27. Ogun – Nil
  28. Ondo – ₦75,000 monthly to medical corp members only
  29. Osun – ₦5,000
  30. Oyo – ₦3,800
  31. Plateau (we have no information yet)
  32. Rivers (doesn’t pay, according to reports reaching us)
  33. Sokoto – ₦4,000 to those in state government parastatals and ₦9,000 to those in state hospitals
  34. Taraba – ₦10,000 (we are not so sure about this anymore)
  35. Yobe – ₦5,000 monthly for regular corp members while medical corp members earn 100k plus.
  36. Zamfara – ₦3,000
  37. FCT – Abuja doesn’t pay anything.

That is all about these states. I would also love to list States that pay the highest NYSC allowance in Nigeria:

List of Highest Paying States for NYSC

  1. Lagos – Pays between N15,000-N10,000
  2. Anambra – Pays N8,300
  3. Delta – Pays N5,000
  4. Cross River – Pays N5,000
  5. Jigawa – Pays N5,000

If you noticed something we missed, it would be nice you make it known by dropping a comment below. Let us help prospective corps members that might want to prioritize by putting states that pay allowances into question.

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