List of Oil Fields in Nigeria


Oil zones (in Europe), also known as oil fields (mostly in Africa), are large geographical areas that have a number of characteristics that allows for the extraction of natural resources. Oil fields in Nigeria are mostly located in the oil-rich, Niger-Deltan region, better referred to as the South-South.

The main activity of oil fields is the extraction of crude oil, being then the main socio-economic interest of those who are there. There are several areas where this mineral can be extracted, known as black gold for its multiple uses in world society, with the Middle East being the region with the most oil reserves on earth.

In the oil zones, also known as oil fields, it is where the hydrocarbon is extracted from the subsoil since the underground formations that contain this mineral can extend for several hundred square kilometers. In these areas, not only are the machinery for extraction made available but also pipes for transportation and support facilities.

What are Oil Fields?

Oil fields are surface land areas where wells which produced or are producing oil from multiple formations and reservoirs are grouped together.

An oil field is always far from civilization and establishing it most of the time is very complicated, given the logistics it needs. For example, workers have to do their work there for months or years and require lodging. Also, accommodation and equipment require electricity and water. Pipes in cold areas may need to be heated. An excess of natural gas makes it necessary to burn it if there is no way to use it, which requires an oven, warehouses, and pipes to transport it from the well to the oven.

Oil Donkey, also known as Pump Jack on an oil field
Oil Donkey, also known as Pump Jack on an oil field

Most of the time an oilfield looks like a small self-sufficient city in the middle of a landscape dotted with drilling towers or pump jacks, known as “oil donkeys”, due to its moving arm, which are also known as rockers in some countries.

Oil Fields in the World

There are more than 40,000 oil fields spread throughout the globe, both on land and offshore. The largest is the Ghawar field in Saudi Arabia and the Burgan field in Kuwait, with more than 60 billion barrels estimated in each. Most oil wells are much smaller. In the modern age, the location and known reserves of oil fields are a key factor in many geopolitical conflicts.

Oil Fields in Nigeria

There are about 35-55 oil fields in Nigeria, with all mostly located in the South-South and the Niger-Deltan region of the country. Some of which are:

  • ABO Oil Field
  • Agbami Oil Field
  • Akpo Oil Field
  • Amenam-Kpono Oil Field
  • Batan, Egwa, Odidi and Jones Creek Oil and Gas Fields
  • Bonga Oil and Gas Field
  • Bonny Oil Field
  • Delta Oil Field
  • EA Oil and Gas Field
  • East Area Oil and Gas Fields
  • Edop Oil Field
  • Egina Oil Field
  • Erha Oil Field
  • Escravos Oil and Gas Field
  • Ibewa Natural Gas Field
  • Niger Delta Basin Oil Field
  • Nembe, Santa Barbara and Okoroba Oil Fields
  • Obagi Oil Field
  • Ofan Oil and Gas Field
  • Oguta Oil Field
  • Okan and Mefa Gas Fields
  • Okono Oil Field
  • Okoro Setu Oil Field
  • Okpoho and Okono Oil Fields
  • OML123 Oil and Gas Fields
  • Oyo Oil Field
  • Sonam Gas and Condensate Field
  • Usan Oil Field
  • Yoho Oil Field
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