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Lizzy Jay Sex Tape Leak on Twitter

Lizzy Jay Sex Tape Leak on Twitter

Barely a week after Moyo Lawal’s sex tape surfaced online, another Nollywood actress who doubles as a comedienne, Adeyela Adebola, popularly known as Lizzy Jay aka Omo Ibadan has bravely taken to social media to share her distressing encounter with a blackmailer threatening to release her private videos.

In a detailed 15-minute video, the actress recounted her harrowing experience, which began with a severe illness a few months ago that required medical attention. Prescribed antibiotics and opiods, she unfortunately experienced a severe adverse reaction to the medication, resulting in distressing symptoms like skin itching, rashes, and bleeding from a private area.

Fearing for her health, she reached out to a male friend who is a doctor, seeking his expertise. He requested a video of the affected area to better understand her condition.

Initially hesitant due to the personal nature of the request, Lizzy Jay decided to share a cropped video via Snapchat, only showing the relevant part. The doctor confirmed her adverse reaction to the medication and advised her to discontinue its use.

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