Mamman Daura Biography


Mamman Daura is undoubtedly the second-most popular man in the Buhari-led administration after the president, Muhammadu Buhari himself. As a matter of fact, Mamman Daura is more popular than Yemi Osinbajo, the number two citizen of the country who is also the vice president of Nigeria.

Mamman Daura is reportedly the most powerful man in Buhari’s government. Certain news outfits claim Mamman Daura wields so much power that he is more powerful than the president himself. The wife of the president, Aisha Buhari had somewhat backed this claim by stating that the president is not in charge in Aso Rock. But who is Mamman Daura? How powerful is he? Find out in the biography of Mamman Daura below:

Mamman Daura Biography

Alhaji Malam Mamman Daura (born November 10, 1939) is a Nigerian journalist and businessman who was appointed the editor of the New Nigerian newspaper a few months after completing his graduate degree. He is also Muhammadu Buhari’s nephew and is considered the most powerful and influential of the Buhari administration. Daura studied Economics and Public Administration at Trinity College, Dublin.

Early Years

Mamman Daura finished secondary education at Okene Provincial School in 1956. He worked with the Daura Native Authority for a couple of years before joining the Nigerian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) as a programme assistant. From 1962 to 1968, he studied economics and public administration at Trinity College, Dublin.


He later also served as chairman of the board of the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) and if there is anyone who Buhari always listened to and confided in over the years, it is Mamman Daura but many are now complaining that the relationship is getting too close for comfort and will affect all the policies of the Buhari administration which is already struggling to cope with economic and security challenges.

In 1968, Adamu Ciroma, then editor of the New Nigerian Newspaper was looking to recruit qualified and educated northern Nigerians for the newspaper. One of those recruits was Daura who had just finished his degree in Dublin. Daura was hesitant to take the position when he returned to Nigeria but instead worked in the office of Abba Kyari, the military governor of North-Central State.

In April 1969, he finally joined the staff of New Nigerian as the paper’s new editor. The first two years of his stewardship was a focus on coverage of issues affecting Northerners and protection of northern interests. Daura later became the managing director of the paper’s holding company. When Murtala Mohammed’s administration opted to take over the ownership of the paper, Daura left the company.

Mamman, a nephew of the younger Buhari, was influential in the government of Buhari between 1984 and 1985. He was a board member of BCCI’s Nigerian affiliate, Africa International Bank and founded a furniture factory in Kaduna. He was also a former chairman of the now-defunct Nigerian Bank of Commerce and Industry.

Daura and Buhari Relationship

Mamman Daura Biography & Relationship with Buhari
Family for life: Mamman Daura and President Muhammadu Buhari

Mamman Daura is a younger brother to Buhari’s father which makes him an uncle to Buhari. They are related by the bond of the blood and Buhari, as the president, greatly trusts Daura and entrusted key decisions into his hands by taking counsel from him alone, making Mamman Daura the most powerful and influential man in Buhari’s government.

Daura and Abba Kyari

While Mamman Daura has no official portfolio in the Buhari-led administration, Abba Kyari is the Chief of Staff (COS), reportedly ‘planted’ by the influential Mamman Daura. Daura and Kyari are said to be close and are part of the ‘Cabal’ in the Buhari administration.

Mamman Daura Position in Nigeria

Mamman Daura has no official portfolio in the Buhari-led administration and he is reportedly the most powerful man in Nigeria and reportedly maintains an office in one of the guest houses in the Villa, popularly referred to as the Glass House. He parades a large retinue of staff and a fleet of official cars with taxpayer’s money.

Mamman Daura’s Family

Mamman Daura’s family live in the Villa with President Muhammadu Buhari and his family. His most popular child is Fatima Daura who came to limelight after publishing a recording of enraged Aisha Buhari, the First Lady who questioned the authority of Mamman Daura and his family for locking an apartment in the Villa without the notice of the President’s family.

Aisha could be seen and heard saying her family had had enough of the insolence of the Dauras, asking them to leave. Besides, Fatima, Mamman Daura’s family live quiet lives off of social media.

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