The Meaning of Marlian in Nigeria


An average Nigeria who spends time on social media must have come across the name ‘Marlian’. Not like the word in itself is new but as far as Nigeria is concerned, the word has been on the increase to mean something different, more importantly, since the rise of popular Nigerian singer and songwriter, Azeez Fashola, popularly known as Naira Marley.

So what is the meaning of the name ‘Marlian’? Who does it refer to and what does it represent? Find out and more in this post.

The Meaning of Marlian in Nigeria

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A Marlian refers to a staunch follower of controversial musician and singer, Azeez Fashola, popularly called Naira Marley. A Marlian shares the ideology and beliefs of Naira Marley and is expected not to care or give a hoot about pleasing the public but must stick to their guns and must be controversial.

Already, the word ‘Marlian’ is fast becoming a movement of the people who share Naira Marley’s philosophies and beliefs. Marlians are also known as ‘No Belt Gangs’ (NBG)

Although there are claims that the original ‘Marlian’ means a gift from God but it definitely means something different with Naira Marley and his followers. So if you are a Marlian, it means you are a follower of Naira Marley and believe in his beliefs, philosophies, and views.

You are a Marlian if you:

  • Are a huge follower of Naira Marley.
  • If you do Indian Hemp (also known as Marijuana) – Igbolabi, meaning ‘we gave birth to weed’ (referring to you as a child, from a parent’s perspective.
  • You don’t have an issue with drugs.
  • Are not only a follower of Naira Marley but as share his philosophies.
  • Don’t care about what people think or say so long it makes you happy.
  • Believe that cybercrimes or ‘Yahoo-Yahoo’ aren’t ‘all that bad’.
  • Don’t have an issue with being controversial.
  • Love being controversial or love controversial lifestyles.
  • Don’t wear a belt. (Marlians are also known as ‘No Belt Gangs’ (NBG))
  • Believe you shouldn’t graduate from the university; you have to drop out (for undergraduates).
  • Don’t wear pants (for females) and boxers (for males).

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The Truth about Naira Marley & Marlians

Naira Marley does not necessarily encourage some of the vices that Marlians stand for or represent in his songs. While it can’t be argued that he is controversial, his staunch followers have hidden under the aegis of the ‘movement’ to push certain agenda not preached by Marley.

We would love to hear your comment below about what you think Marlians represent!

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