Newspapers in Nigeria & their Publishers

This post contains a list of all newspapers in Nigeria, their publishers, locations as well as their first published issue, including print and online newspapers.


Newspapers in Nigeria have been used to act as voices over the years and some of them have done tremendously with their objectives while some are known, popular pro-government mouthpiece, known to defend the government they swear allegiance, regardless of misgovernance or misrule.

The “publish and be damned” principle of Nigerian newspapers started during the colonial era when founder fathers of today’s Nigerian press such as Nnamdi Azikiwe, Ernest Ikoli, Obafemi Awolowo and Lateef Jakande defied all odds and used their newspapers to fight for independence and the rights of the Nigerian people.

However, owing to the fast-growing influence of technology and modernisation across Nigeria, online newspapers have soared significantly in their numbers in the past decade. This means that media houses are now embracing online newspapers, more than prints and so are the Nigerian people.

Although there are some people who are still stuck or prefer the traditional print for record-keeping purposes, it has not been able to cushion the effect of newspaper vendors whose source of income are dependent on the number of papers they sell.

Online newspapers have become popular since the rise of internet accessibility in Nigeria; more than ten per cent of the top fifty websites in the country are devoted to online newspapers. Due to improved mobile penetration and the growth of smartphones, Nigerians have begun to rely on the internet for news.

Online newspapers have also been able to bypass government restrictions because content can be shared without the need for any physical infrastructure. The result has been a disruption of the traditional sources of news that have dominated the media industry.

Newspapers in Nigeria and their Publishers

Below is a list of newspapers publishers in Nigeria as well as their location and the date of their first publication:

# Newspaper Location First issued Publisher
1 Daily Times of Nigeria Lagos 9 June 1926 Folio Communications
2 Sky News Nigeria Lagos December 2018 Gbenga Odunsi
3 Tribune Ibadan 1949 African Newspapers of Nigeria Ltd
4 Global Times Nigeria Lagos February 2020 Gbenga Odunsi
5 Observer Benin City 1968 Bendel Newspapers Company Limited
6 Punch Lagos 1971 Ajibola Ogunsola
7 The Tide Port Harcourt 1971 Rivers State Newspaper Corporation
8 The Standard Jos 1972 Benue-Plateau Printing Publication Cooperation
9 Triumph Kano 1980 Triumph Publishing
10 Guardian Lagos 1983 Felix Ibru
11 National Post Abuja April 2021 Akeem Adebayo
12 Newswatch Lagos 28 January 1985 Global Media Mirror Limited
13 Tell Magazine Lagos 1991 TELL Communications Limited
14 TheNEWS magazine Lagos 1992 Independent Communication Limited
15 P.M. News Lagos 1994 Independent Communications Network Limited
16 Thisday Lagos 1995 Leaders & Company
17 Complete Sports Lagos 1995 Sunny Obazu-Ojeagbase
18 Daily Trust Abuja 1998 Media Trust Ltd
19 Sun Lagos 2001 The Sun Publishing Ltd
20 Independent Nigeria (Lagos newspaper) Lagos 2001 Independent Newspaper Limited
21 Independent Lagos 2001 Independent Newspapers Limited
22 National Network Port Harcourt 2004 Network Printing and Publishing Company
23 Next Lagos 2004 Timbuktu Media group
24 Leadership Abuja 1 October 2004 Leadership Group Ltd
25 Business Day Lagos 2005 Frank Aigbogun
26 Mirror 2006 Global Media Mirror Limited
27 Nation Lagos 2006 Vintage Press Limited
28 Uhuru Times Ogun 2007 Journal Communication Limited
29 Peoples Daily Abuja 30 November 2008 Peoples Media Ltd
30 Newsdiary online Abuja 2009 NewsDiary Communication Limited
31 Nigerian Entertainment Today Lagos 23 November 2009 Adekunle Ayeni
32 TheCable Lagos 2011 Cable Newspaper Ltd.
33 Premium Times Abuja 2011 Premium Times Services Limited
34 Blueprint Newspaper Abuja May 2011
35 Opinion Nigeria Abuja January 2012 Jeff Okoroafor
36 Entertainment Express July 2011
37 Daylight Nigeria Lagos January 2014
38 New Telegraph Lagos 3 February 2014 The Telegraph Publishing Company
39 The Authority (newspaper) Abuja 2015 The Authority Media & Publications Limited
40 Ripples Nigeria Lagos 2015 Richmond Hill Media Limited
41 Stears Business Lagos 2015 Stears News Limited
42 Politics Nigeria Lagos 2016 Dumebi Emmanuel
43 Daily Nigerian Abuja 6 June 2016 Penlight Media Limited
44 The Periscope News Port Harcourt 6 March 2019 Mazi Obi Okoli
45 Sahara Reporters Lagos Omoyele Sowore
46 Business Hallmark Lagos Prince Emeka Obasi
47 Daily Champion Lagos Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu
48 Daily Post Lagos 2011 Daily Post Media Ltd.
49 Osun Defender Osun Moremi Publishing House Ltd.
50 Nigeria CommunicationsWeek Lagos 2007 Ken Nwogbo
51 National Network (newspaper) Rivers State 2004 Network Printing and Publishing Company
52 New Nigerian
53 Nigerian Compass Ogun State 2008 Gbenga Daniel
54 Urhobo Vanguard Delta State 2012 Urhobo Vanguard Publishing Ltd
55 Thinkers Newspaper Abuja 2015 Thinkers Communications Limited
56 National Mirror 2006 Jimoh Ibrahim
57 The News Journal (Nigeria) Ibadan 2013 Layipo Concept
58 Lagos 2016 Polance Media Ltd.
59 TheWill Newspaper Lagos 2009 Austyn Ogannah O.
60 The ICIR Abuja 2010 Dayo Aiyetan


The oldest newspaper company in Nigeria

The oldest newspaper in Nigeria is Daily Times, by Folio Communications and it was established in 1926.

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