Patience Ozokwor (Mama Gee) Biography & Net Worth


Patience Ozokwor, fondly referred to as Mama Gee, is not just your every day Nollywood actress. She is a veteran actress whose roles in movies are often misunderstood to be her real-life personality.

She is largely seen as a wicked woman all thanks to the troublesome mother-in-law who constantly nags her daughter-in-law, a village diabolical, mischief-maker who is always bitter about the success of others and the one woman who mobilizes other village women to revolt. Either way, these roles have come to present her as a no-nonsense, super-strict woman.

Interestingly, beyond these movies and roles she plays regularly, she is almost the opposite of the movie characters she often interprets, which we see. In this post, we beam our light into this incredible actress and present to you everything you need to know about Patience Ozokwor, popularly known as Mama Gee.

Patience Ozokwor (Mama Gee) Biography

Patience Ozokwor

Patience Ozokwor (born 14 September 1958), fondly referred to as ‘Mama Gee‘, is a Nigerian musician, fashion designer, gospel singer, and veteran Nollywood actress born in the village of Amaobo, Ngwo, Enugu State, South East, Nigeria. She won the Best Supporting Actress 2012 & 2013 award at the 10th Africa Movie Academy Awards and was among 100 Nigerians honoured by the government to celebrate the amalgamation of the northern and southern protectorates in 2014.

Although Patience Ozokwor was born in Enugu, she attended Abimbola Gibson Memorial School in Lagos. From there, she went on to attend the Women Training College.

In further pursuance of her education, Ozokwor went on to the Institute of Management and Technology, Enugu (IMT) where she obtained a degree in Fine and Applied Arts.


After graduation, she decided to try out teaching. She practiced for some time before finally deciding to go into broadcasting where she worked with a radio station as a radio announcer and newscaster.

Before starting as an actress, Patience Ozokwor first made it into the radio drama. Soon she began assisting school dropouts to continue their education and she also helped them develop entrepreneurial skills in different things.

Before starting as an actress, she was already a star before acting and first made it into radio drama. She took part in a soap opera by the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) titled Someone Cares.

Owing to her acting prowess, she got the opportunity to be invited to act in a movie. In 1999, she was a part of the highly successful and popular movie, Authority. The movie shot her to the limelight and soon she was in many other movies.

Patience Ozokwor Family

Patience Ozokwor (Mama Gee)

Patience Ozokwor was married at age 19 and has three biological children and five adopted ones who all bear her name. She lost her husband in the year 2000. She expressed her life’s biggest regret as not being able to marry the man of her choice, and also her children preventing her from remarrying after she lost her husband.

According to her, she had many suitors prior to marriage. Her parents forced her to get married at that early age for reasons she still cannot tell, except that it may be because of the influence of a polygamous family like the one in which she was born into.

While the marriage was not easy for her, she remained in it. It was in 2000 that her husband died. Before his death, her late husband had come to become her real companion. According to Patience, she keeps missing him even many years after his death.

Patience Ozokwor Net Worth

Patience Ozokwor, fondly called ‘Mama Gee‘ is a popular Nollywood actress and brand ambassador to some top Nigerian brands, one of which includes Globacom Telecommunication. Her estimated net worth is N200 million.

Patience Ozokwor ‘Mama Gee’ Fun Facts

1. She is a Born-Again Christian

The supposedly most-wicked woman in Nollywood is saved! In interviews, she is always quick to point out God as the pillar of her success and how she couldn’t have achieved anything were it not for God. She currently attends Dominion City Church, founded by Pastor David Ogbueli.

2. She is a gospel artiste

Unlike Mama Gee in movies, Patience Ozokwor can actually sing. And that’s not everything that her voice can do; apart from making her that “wicked” Nollywood star, it has made her a formidable gospel artist with real fun. In fact, as we speak, this Nollywood star is planning to release a second gospel album. It even gets more interesting when she points out that she has a dance crew that she’s currently funding…Yes, the celebrated Rhema Entertainment Ministry dance crew… if you’ve heard about it, then be informed; Mama Gee is behind the scenes.

3. She is a widow

Patience Ozokwor is a widow as her husband died from a terminal disease in 2000. By then, their last born child was already in the university.

4. She was once a teacher

Before acting, Mama Gee was a qualified teacher. She remained a teacher for more than three years before deciding to push for other things.

5. She was already a star before acting

While in Afikpo Teachers Training College, Mama Gee had a literature teacher who taught her and a number of other students drama, and then made them present a single play each semester. On most occasions, she was made to play Hamlet in Shakespeare’s play by the same title, Hamlet. And since other schools used to pay to watch Hamlet, she became extremely popular among students during her college life.

6. She was shy to get to Nollywood

Before getting into the film industry, she did a commercial with Pete Eneh that moved Chief Zebrudaya and a number of other Nollywood directors, as well. It was then that she was asked to get into film, but she refused because (one) she felt the film industry would give her superfluous exposure and (two) she was extremely shy. After several attempts of failed persuasion, they eventually managed to pull her to Nollywood.

7. She did her first movie in 1998

Patience Ozokwor first movie came in 1998. By then, she was already a national star in Nigeria. A year later, she did her second movie called “Authority” that propelled her to the limelight and made her the African-movie-icon that we all know today.

8. Patience has played a mother to every known actor in Nollywood, except for…

Patience has played different roles in over 100 Nollywood movies. She has even acted the role of a mother to almost every known Nollywood star—like Ini Edo, Van Vicker, Ramsey Nouah, Rita Dominic, Kanayo O Kanayo, Oge Okoye and the rest–except for Pete Edochie and Olu Jacobs, who she jokingly said refused to let her be their mother in a movie.

9. She has five adopted children

Mama Gee has three biological children and five adopted ones who all bear her name. As reported by her children, she is a very caring and proud mother. She has a son who played for Enugu Rangers before moving to Turkey to play football. The son, Nduka Ozokwor, now plays for MKE Ankaragücü.

10. Mama G is also a fashion designer.

Mama Gee was at some point a renowned radio presenter. But at the moment, apart from being the great actor we all know, she is also a well-acclaimed fashion designer. So we can at least say that the time she spent at IMT Enugu wasn’t completely a waste of time.

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