Prices of Wallpapers in Nigeria


The evolution of home decor in Nigeria has witnessed interesting changes over the years that one wonders why Nigerians are so obsessed with it. Chief among areas or walls in the home that has witnessed this vegetable-like evolution over the past decade is the living and bedroom. The living room because it is the first and perhaps only place any visitor will see when they visit your home and your bedroom, where you lay your head after a day’s rest.

With the advent of wallpapers which have become very handy, it is almost impossible not to hop on the trend of making these two areas classy and appealing to your visitors.

Although conventional paints are still very much around and often still adopted in some parts of the living room, wallpapers are now the preferred choice for TV areas in the living room and head areas in the bedroom.

With this, it means a fraction of both rooms only get to enjoy the wallpaper feel while other areas are painted using conventional paints but with colours that quite blend with the selected wallpaper designs.

One major advantage of wallpapers is that they come in an almost endless design, texture and feel that you can barely miss with whatever you settle for. While conventional paint requires that you get a skilled painter to add life to your home with his designs, with wallpapers, all you need is just to select your preferred design, get a wallpaper adhesive and voila, your home breathes a new life!

Furthermore, today’s wallpapers have been greatly improved in that they are made from different materials, which can either signify durability, aesthetics or simply art.

To be fair, it is not actually enough that you want to opt for wallpaper in place of conventional paint. The daunting part is settling for which wallpaper to opt for. You must factor in certain things which we will be highlighted below.

6 Things To Consider Before Choosing Wallpapers For Your Home

Below are six important tips to consider before choosing wallpapers for your home:

  1. Purpose of the room: It is important that you understand the purpose of the room the wallpapers will be installed before choosing to buy. Doing this helps you understand how to better decide on the pattern of wallpaper to use for the room. It also helps in choosing the best colour for the room. For example, the red colour might be your favourite colour but it has an adrenaline-stimulating psychological effect on the brain and deciding to use red wallpaper in your bedroom means you might be setting yourself up for sleep deprivation.
  2. Lighting condition of the room: Just with room purposes, it is equally important you take into account the lighting condition of the room where the wallpapers will be installed. By so doing, you make informed choices on the wallpaper style to opt for. For example, Glam wallpapers are better suited for rooms with good/decent lightings while Casual wallpapers are better suited for rooms with lesser lighting.
  3. Curtains: Curtains, at best, should complement our wall designs by all standard. It is not a must to choose colours of your exact same curtains just to match. Certain colours complement. If you are not sure about which colour to choose for your wallpaper, then Google or search for complementing colours online.
  4. Cost/Pricing: Basically, all of our life’s decision are influenced by mostly cost or pricing of whatever it is we intend to buy and it is no different with wallpapers.
  5. Kids-Proof: Kids have the tendency to be destructive, albeit unconsciously, which is why it is important that you opt for wallpapers that don’t start falling after a few months. Some might argue that this is based on the type of glue used, somewhat true but it also depends on the quality of the wallpaper. A good one is almost kids proof.
  6. Consider Your Room Style: Understanding the atmosphere being conveyed by your rooms go a long way in determining the type of wallpaper you should use. Depending on how your room is arranged, you could settle for floral designs only when the room gives an organic ambience and a relaxed feel.

4 Types of Wallpapers

Below are the 4 different types of wallpapers available, based on their features:

1. 3D Wallpapers

3D-Wallpapers3D Wallpapers are one of the most popular wallpapers around. They make your home come alive by creating an impressionable illusion on your walls. Other than the fact that they greatly enrich the home and project its beauty, 3D wallpapers come in an array of styles and colours to match your rooms, regardless of how you design them to look. An amazing aspect of 3D wallpapers is that they can take away the boring look of any room and transform it immediately after they are installed. All you need is to find the right one, install, and entrap your guests in the beauty of your incredible living/bedroom.

You can buy 3D wallpapers in Nigeria starting from N4,000 – N8,000 per square meter.

2. Cartoon Wallpapers


Cartoon wallpapers are exceptionally colourful and best suited for kids and those that are young at heart and are mostly suited for bedrooms. It isn’t bad reliving your fantasy or helping your kids enjoy their childhood by installing their favourite cartoon characters in their rooms. One beautiful thing about them is that they are not sold in square meters compared to the 3D wallpapers and other types, meaning that you will be saving a lot compared to the others.

Cartoon wallpapers are durable, anti-dust, and fade-proof that they can be enjoyed for a long period of time until your kids or you get tired and want to replace it with another.

In Nigeria, cartoon wallpapers are sold per roll from N4,000 and each roll measures about 5.3sqm.

3. Patterned Wallpapers


Patterned wallpapers, as the name implies, are wallpapers that are designed with the same or varying patterns on them. They are the most popular wallpaper type in the world. In Nigeria, you are more likely to see a patterned wallpaper before any other type. Now depending on certain things, patterned wallpapers can either be embossed, such that you can feel the patterns when you touch them or just plain flat.

In Nigeria, patterned wallpapers are sold starting from N3,500 – N5,000 per square meter, depending on the complexity of the pattern or quality.

4. Floral Wallpapers


Floral wallpapers have a unique way of motivating and helping us in relaxing our worked out nerves, almost like staring at nature and getting lost in its beauty. It has been said that nature and flowers help us relax and can also be therapeutic given the amount of time one spends basking in them. Traditional floral wallpapers are flat and beautiful but modern ones have been enhanced such that they come out as embossed or even in 3D.

In Nigeria, floral wallpapers are sold starting from N3,500 – N5,000 per square meter.

5. Embossed Wallpapers


Embossed wallpapers are wallpapers that patterns, designs, illustrations or graphics on them can be felt when touched. The idea is to pique one’s interest by adding visual interests to boring ideas. Embossed wallpapers are not difficult to recognise when you touch them as whatever representation is depicted on the wallpaper slightly protrudes off the illustration such that your hands can feel them, as against flat designs. Embossed wallpapers can also be in 3D as well as floral or patterned.

In Nigeria, floral wallpapers are sold starting from N4,000 – N8,000 per square meter, depending on the quality and the complexity of the embossed illustration.

Prices of Wallpapers in Nigeria

Typical the current prices of wallpapers in Nigeria costs between N3,500 – N8,000/sqm. Wallpapers with better qualities and complicated designs can be as expensive as near-N10,000/sqm, whether it is embossed, 3D, flat, patterned or floral.

How to Prevent Your Wallpapers From Getting Detached

A common problem with wallpapers is that they often get detached after being installed, which can be frustrating. Before installing your wallpapers, it is important to have your walls screeded so that what is pasted on them stays for a longer period of time. Another thing to note is the quality of glue used. DO NOT use just any kind of adhesive for your wallpaper. If you are unsure about the right adhesive to use, you can consult wallpapers installers. If you intend to install your wallpaper yourself, it is best you research the right adhesive for your wall. Wallpapers don’t do well on damp or moist walls.

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