Ronke Odusanya Biography & Net Worth


Ronke Odusanya, popularly known as Flakky Ididowo is a popular actress known by many names, all thanks to the roles she has played in certain movies over the years, which etched her out. Besides being an actress with many aliases, her physique is definitely something to turn the heads of many.

The curvaceous actress has had an amazing, steady growth in the Nigerian movie industry, popularly referred to as Nollywood. She has featured in over 50 movies since the start of her movie career in the movie industry and has remained consistent ever since. Here’s everything you need to know about Ronke Odusanya, popularly known as Flakky Ididowo.

Ronke Odusanya (Flakky Ididowo) Biography

Ronke Odusanya (Flakky Ididowo) Biography, Family & Net Worth

Ronke Odusanya, popularly known as Flakky Ididowo (born May 3, 1973) is a Nigerian actress, film producer and stage performer born in Ogun State, where she hails from. Ronke was educated at the St. Benedict Nursery & Primary School and Federal Government Girls College, Akure. She attended the Olabisi Onabanjo University, earning a degree in Mass communication.

Ronke was born into a Christian home and had a strict upbringing. Although her parents separated, her childhood was fun and it never hindered her from having good memories of her growing up.


Ronke Odusanya aka Flakky Ididowo became interested in acting when she was at the university. As an undergraduate, featured in plays that were staged in school. Professionally, she started acting in the year 2000. She joined Nollywood and took part in some English movies before joining Adebayo Salami, popularly known as Oga Bello’s Awada Kerikeri Theatre Group, in the year 2000, and that was where I honed my acting skills.

In 2001, Ronke featured in her first Yoruba movie, Baba Ologba, alongside Adebayo Salami, aka Oga Bello, and Femi Adebayo. Since then, she has featured in several others and has played lead roles in many movies as well. She was named “Flakky Idi Dowo” after her role in Fathia Balogun’s movie as “Folake” in 2006.

Ronke Odusanya’s sojourn in the movie industry was rough as she had a series of obstacles on her way to the top. Her first was with her father who was displeased she had become an actress.  When he discovered, he was very angry because he thought she would get a proper job.

Coming from a family where no one had ever become an actor before compounded her woes. According to Ronke, her family, over time, had chosen professional career paths, such as medicine, law, and engineering.

Her father and my stepmother did not support her and they made efforts to frustrate her ambition. At some point, she was asked to leave the house if her mind was made up on being an actress. She, however, found solace in the arms of her mother who had separated from Ronke’s father. Although she was not happy with the ambition as well, she was supportive and encouraged Ronke in her pursuit.

Ronke Odusanya Nicknames

Ronke Odusanya has several nicknames. At the start of her career, she was nicknamed ‘Ronke AKO (Awada Kerikeri Organisation). She is also referred to as Becky which was the character she played in Funke Akindele-Bello’s two-part movie, Jenifa. However, the name that would go on to stick is Flakky Ididowo which she got after she played the character of Folake in a movie produced by Fathia Balogun

Ronke Odusanya (Flakky) Family, Relationship and Marriage


Ronke Odusanya, popularly referred to as Flakky Ididowo reportedly gave birth on the 19th of August 2019 to Fife, her daughter. Flakky is a baby mama to Jago.

Ronke Odusanya (Flakky) & Pasuma

Ronke Odusanya’s most notable relationship was with popular Fuji singer, Alabi Wasiu Pasuma. The duo dated for a while but never ended in marriage as against their wish. They both claimed it would have been difficult being celebrities as trust issues would constantly come up. Below is what the actress had to say about it when interviewed:

Not all relationships lead to marriage and such was my relationship with Pasuma. Even though we are no longer dating, we are still good friends. The fact that we are both celebrities may have been responsible for our inability to get married. A lot of times, celebrity marriages don’t work out because both parties are in the limelight. This breeds a lot of distrust and problems in the marriage.

Ronke Odusanya (Flakky) & Femi Anibaba

Falope and Flakky

Ronke Odusanya also known as Flakky was rumoured to be married in 2014 to Femi Anibaba, her US-based lover at the time, in a secret wedding. The duo just had their engagement done a few days after a woman named Falope Sokoya claimed Flakky had snatched her husband of 12 years. Although Flakky denied she was never married two years later in an interview with Punch Newspaper, the rumours and open confrontation suggested otherwise.

Besides these, she has been reportedly involved with several popular personalities, mostly Fuji musicians before putting to bed in 2019.

Ronke Odusanya (Flakky) Net Worth

Ronke Odusanya is one of Nollywood’s Yoruba most and sought after consistent actresses with an estimated net worth of $41,000 (N15 million).

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