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First Day Out Lyrics by Rundown Spaz

Loady G
Fuck the peace, nigga
Only the E’s (Yeah, yeah)
Ayy, we ride when we sleep, for sure
Let’s go
Ain’t no more, “Free Spaz,” nigga (Go)
Ayy (Go), the real Spaz, nigga (Go)
Loady G
Let’s go (Go), let’s go (Go)

Big ass Glock and it came with a switch (Switch)
Nigga dissin’ on Mac get left in a ditch (Get left in a ditch)
7.62 that’ll go through the bricks
But, I’m bustin’ the Glock when I go on a hit
I’m smokin’ on Ace, gettin’ tired of this nigga
Tell his big brother, “Come slide for this nigga”
Bitch, I’m tryna sin, and this shit here on Christian
You fuck with the opps, you can die with them niggas
Send my lil’ ho, get the drop on them niggas
Just like a picturе, I’m croppin’ a nigga
I just came home from a two-year-sеntence, I don’t give a fuck, ain’t no stoppin’ me, nigga
Slide on the North and drop me a nigga
I’m droppin’ yo’ sister if that lil’ ho with ya
Free Draco, ’cause when he get out I’ma slide with a fully and drop the lil’ nigga (Brrt-brrt, baow)
Smoke D Clips, Trap, Red, try to run off, I’ma cut off his legs
Loady G tryin’ to put somethin’ to bed
Opp ho tryna fuck, so I’m thinkin’ ahead
Hit her from the back, clutchin’ my led
Dissin’ on Mac? Consider him dead
Tryna get some get back for my nigga Fat Fred
If I catch Tae Savage, put the Glock in his dreads
Smoke Fat Trey, hold up, wait, do we still got some bullets for his brother Tay Tay?
Smoke 4 One, he smoke great
If he knew how to drive, he’ll be here today
Fuck Nino, I’ll go to his grave
Take his ass out the ground, shoot the rest of his face (Bah, bah)
Smoke KT for the rest of the day, this a two-man pack, can’t forget about Dre
Smokin’ on Melvin, Jackboy too
Who the fuck did you Jack? Nigga, Jackboy who?
I’m talkin’ ’bout Daylin, ain’t my work, but the pussy-ass boy got whacked at school
Fuck Lil Siah, he a pack too
Fuck HOG, that’s a rat-ass crew
Cortez, he a bitch, told ’em, “Fuck Lil Mark,” to his face, and the pussy boy still ain’t shoot (On Matt)
Where you niggas at? What is the move?
Smoke dude, and dude, I ain’t got nothin’ to prove
Never go snitch, that’s the number one rule
This shit run in my veins, I ain’t tryna be cool
He dissin’ Lamar, he must be a fool
Wet his ass up like he jumped in the pool
Tried to run from the Glock, there’s a switch on the back of this bitch
Hear the, “Brrt,” knock him out of his shoes
We ’bout that action, BTA
Opp ho try me, and get shot in her face
I was just locked up, I was MIA
Fuck that, I was locked in a whole ‘nother state
But, now I’m back out, I got somethin’ to say
Long live Christian, and my nigga BJ
I was locked for some time, bro’nem was slidin’
Why the opps keep lyin’, they ain’t got no break
I’m chasin’ this bread, I ain’t tryin’ to debate
You dependin’ on faith, I depend on this Drac’
All you gotta do is, click, clack, aim, spray
Shoot a nigga all in his face
Headshot for a nigga say, “EBK” (Ayy)
Catch bodies for free, I ain’t gotta get paid
Stick a fuck nigga up if he think we gon’ trade
Lil Rodney on go, try to dig up a grave
Let’s go (Ayy)


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