Shatta Bandle Biography & Net Worth

Real Name: Idris Firdaus
Also Known As Shatta Bandle
Claimed Net Worth $9.7 billion
Date of Birth: September 3
Birth Place Ghana
Profession: Socialite, Social Media Celebrity
Nationality: Ghana

Shatta Bandle is a self-acclaimed richest man in Africa, a Ghanian internet sensation and an Instagram celebrity, from the Northern part of Ghana who suffers from dwarfism and malformation. He became an Instagram sensation following his claims that he is far richer than Nigerian business mogul and the Chairman of Dangote Group, Aliko Dangote in a viral video that trended and sparked reactions across Nigeria, Ghana, Benin Republic and South Africa.

Shatta Bandle came to prominence after Nigeria netizens and social media influencers such as Tunde Ednut and others reacted to his video where he claimed he was more successful and richer than Africa’s richest man, Aliko Dangote.

Shatta Bandle
Shatta Bandle strikes a pose with ‘his cars’.

The Nigerian cyberspace is known for its humour and brutal savages and has also been responsible for producing either deliberate or non-deliberate comedians over the years. Nigerians tend to ‘rally round’ and ironically cheer individuals who profess to be above high profile individuals or celebrities.

Among those who fall in this category of comedians that have been elevated are Vic-O, a supposed Nigerian rapper who claims to be the best rapper in Nigeria when, indeed, he is not; Speed Darlington, an America-based Nigerian musician who claims to inspire Diddy. Ironically, his voice and songs are nothing to write home about but has enjoyed a fair amount of followership over time; and Mr “Haq Haq Haq” or “Mr. Eventuarry”, a supposed Ghanian taxi driver known for his poor command of the English language who, however, speaks with confidence.

Shatta Bandle Biography

Shatta Bandle whose original name is Idris Firdaus is a self-acclaimed billionaire in his 20’s. He claims to be richer than Aliko Dangote whose net worth is $9.7 billion. He is a Ghanaian and a Northerner from a small village called Karaga. The name ‘Bandle’ according to him, is coined out of the bundles of money he’s seen lavishing around. Aside from being referred to as Shatta Bandle, he is as also known as the young, young rich n*gga‘.

Dada Joe

While Shatta Bandle has attained the celebrity status, he is seen as comic relief and his Instagram skits have pointed to that over time. Some Nigerian celebrities have reacted either directly to Shatta Bandle’s claim or indirectly by making hilarious comments and have praised ‘the new African billionaire’ who has no known businesses.

To his credit, Shatta Bandle, since his emergence about a month ago, has never for once stopped flaunting luxurious and expensive pieces of jewelry, cars and even a private jet he claims he owns, which got many thinking if he is indeed the person he says he is.

On his level of wealth, Shatta Bandle has been engaged with popular Ghanian musician, Shatta Wale who trolled the acclaimed richest man in Africa to use his money wisely and fix his teeth. A comment which obviously did not go well with Shatta Bandle who fired back at the musician to ‘stay on his lane’.

Like Shatta Wale, many have shown concerns over the poor dentition of Shatta Bandle whose set of teeth are almost out of his mouth, save a few. He has been advised to channel his money into fixing his dentition and the advice has gone unanswered ever since.

Shatta Bandle Net Worth

Dada Joe

Shatta Bandle claims his net worth is over $9.7 billion. ‘His rival’, Aliko Dangote’s net worth is $9.7 billion, according to Forbes. This is however disputable and as a matter of fact, a lie, as Shatta Bandle was busted and discovered to be ‘the boy’ of Nana Kojo Boateng, popularly known as Dada Joe Remix, a Ghanian millionaire who is responsible for the luxury items Shatta Bandle brags with on social media.

Shatta Bandle Parents

Nothing is known of Shatta Bandle’s parents, other than the fact that he is from the Northern part of Ghana. He has never made reference to them before nor has he ever mentioned whether or not he has siblings.

Shatta Bandle Girlfriend

Shatta Bandle has been seen kissing a girl in a couple of his videos on Instagram. It cannot be ascertained whether or not they are in a relationship.

13 Fun Facts About Shatta Bandle

Richer than Africa’s Richest: Shatta Bandle with one of ‘his cars’.
  • Shatta Bandle’s real name is Idris Firdaus
  • He is a huge fan of Nigerian musician, StarBoy (Wizkid), who is also one of Nigeria’s second richest Instagram celebrities.
  • He suffers from dwarfism and malformation but that has not deterred him in any way.
  • Shatta Bandle is from the Northern part of Ghana, from a village, called Karaga.
  • Shatta Bandle is in his 20s.
  • He is not as rich as Dangote as he claims.
  • His source of wealth is untraceable until he was busted to be ‘the boy’ to Ghanian millionaire, Nana Kojo who owns everything Shatta Bandle brags with
  • Amidst the controversy he generates, Shatta Bandle is loved by most people and is enjoying his celebrity presence by granting TV and radio interviews in Ghana
  • Shatta Bandle is a social media celebrity.
  • Nothing is known of his immediate family.
  • Nana Kojo Boateng, popularly known as Dada Joe Remix, the Ghanian millionaire behind Shatta Bandle’s wealth is reportedly into real estate.
  • Almost all of his teeth are out.
  • Shatta Wale and Shatta Bandle are not in any way related.
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