10 Signs He is a Yoruba Demon

Find out the tell signs of a Yoruba Demon and the warning signs you shouldn't ignore no matter what!


An average Nigerian who isn’t living in a forest must have heard the words “Yoruba Demons” before and it isn’t so hard to figure why. Call them the complete package you can’t resist and you are not wrong but beyond the charms, charisma, shades of finesse and handsomeness rest a player who will play your heart like a Spanish Guitar.

If you have been a victim of a Yoruba Demon before and understand the lyrics of Nicki Minaj’s “Grand Piano”, you might be left with no option other than agree that Nicki Minaj must have been a victim of this “sweet demon” just as you.

Regardless of where you stand concerning Yoruba Demons, you might be surprised to know that while some speak ill of them and dread them like a deadly plague, there are those who crave/want them just for the purpose of being loved, regardless of the consequences. Females who fall in the latter category are often non-Yoruba girls who have heard of their famed exploits and just want to have a feel of being spoilt temporarily. See it as two sides; team “Toni Braxton: Play Me Like a Spanish Guitar” and team “Nicki Minaj: The People are Saying You have been Playing Me Like a Grand Piano”.

It doesn’t matter to a Yoruba Demon whether or not you are a Grand Piano or Spanish Guitar, to be honest. Once you come across one, there is this feeling of entrapment you will feel. Like you want to escape and don’t want to at the same time. Before we go ahead to highlight the indicators of a Yoruba Demon, it is important we know who they are by definition and according to social media standards.

What is a Yoruba Demon?

A Yoruba Demon is another term for a “playboy” from Southwestern Nigeria that is unusually sweet, a smooth talker and a Casanova who delights in breaking the heart of girls either for sport or for the fun of it. A Yoruba Demon usually has lots of girls at his beck and call and can easily switch from one to the other without getting caught. If at all a Yoruba Demon would get caught, it is often most likely too late for the girls who must have fallen head over heels in love with him.

It is exactly not known when the word came to life but there are suggestions that the “Yoruba Demon” became a social media sensation in 2015 and has grown in popularity. Somehow, it has given rise to profiling and stereotype of Yoruba men who at first glance, are considered Yoruba Demons.

So what the signs that the possible love of your life (LOML) is a Yoruba Demon?

10 Signs He is a Yoruba Demon

Here are 10 signs that suggest he is a Yoruba Demon:

1. He is Yoruba

Unfair but it can’t be helped. The fact that he is a Yoruba man is the first indication that he is a potential or already a Yoruba Demon. This profiling can be hurtful since there is always an exception to almost every rule but watch out. Just like Urhobo men are assumed to be lazy, egoistic, traditional and proud, an average Yoruba man has the tendency to have strings or multiple ladies in his life. Cheating is a sport to some and it doesn’t matter whether the person they are with is hooked to another so long they get what it is they want. This is not to say Yoruba men generally cheat and are the only ones but if you are likely going to see someone who cheats with finesse, swag, and class, it will be none other than a Yoruba man.

2. He is incredibly sweet

Nothing is wrong with being sweet in the real sense of it but Yoruba Demons have mastered the art of deception and distraction that being sweet is the smokescreen that masks their many acts. As with most cheating habits where issues of negligence play out, Yoruba Demons are masters of heart-multitasking and will conveniently make you feel you are the only one in their lives until you realise it is not so. And while you are basking in the euphoria of loving someone and being loved in return, you might end up knowing you are not even the main person in their life and when you are, there are tendencies that the sweet words you hear from your man are being replayed to other ladies just to make them feel good just as you.

3. His friends call you “our wife”

Nothing is more confusing than suspecting your man is a cheat and his friends are swearing otherwise that you are the only one in his life. So is the way of the typical Yoruba Demon. Although a major step in a relationship is when you are familiar with your partner’s friends and they know you in return. It gives some level of confidence and assurance that you are a step closer but don’t be fooled. His friends probably know you are not the only one in his life, and while they refer to you as “our wife”, there is always the possibility that there are others who also bear the “our wife” title.

Beyond the title, an obvious red flag is when his friends patronise you and sing all sorts of praise songs about your “unique” personality and how he adores the ground you walk on.

4. He is a smooth talker

There is a major difference between someone gifted with the power of oratory and someone who is a smooth talker. Those gifted with oratory are passionate, convincing and assertive when making their points but this is not the case with smooth talkers, they can be called “oratory hypnotists” in that their words can be assuring and confusing at the time but you will have no choice than to go with the flow. Imagine your man is cheating, you have a bit of evidence and you confront him with them only for him to make you drop them, think you are assuming too much without a fight and still make you apologize for suspecting him! That’s quite manipulative but such is the smooth-talking power of a Yoruba Demon. This uncanny ability can make you do something against your wish without calling yourself to order. The smooth-talking power of Yoruba Demons remains one of their greatest weapons in keeping strings of girls around them.

5. He has so many “female friends”

An obvious sign your LOML is a Yoruba Demon is that he has many “female friends” and “there is nothing between them”. If you have heard this or have been told before, perhaps it is best you get your priorities right. Having many friends, regardless of gender isn’t exactly a problem but how many of these “female friends” do you actually know? A Yoruba Demon might be bold or daring enough to another of his “trophies” and even refer to her or you as a “friend” then make peace with you in private. Ostracizing your partner in the name of a relationship isn’t a fair thing to do but if he says he has many female friends and they keep in touch such as chat or call periodically. The “friends” might not just be ordinary friends after all.

6. He barely takes his calls around you

This particular sign is not exclusive to Yoruba Demons alone. When he doesn’t or barely take calls around you, it might mean that something isn’t right. Watch it. If he tells you stories of why he isn’t taking his calls around you, perhaps you might need to have a heart-to-heart with him before you get burnt pretty bad.

7. He is charming

A winning formula for any Yoruba Demon is sweet mouth  + charm + all shades of sweetness. Sometimes, it isn’t their fault that they have girls fall in line to be with them. Blame the charm a bit but perhaps it is why you also considered being with him in the first place.

8. He has an incredible dress sense

A complementing attribute of Yoruba Demons is their amazing dress sense which never seems to end. They are often so equipped with the right body frame that whatever it is they wear is a goal. Quite contrary to what most claim is a sign of a Yoruba Demon, they might or might not be financially buoyant and their incredible dress sense often portray them to be what they are not. And coupled with the fact that they are smooth talkers, you might not get to know of their financial status until you are two feet in.

9. Meetings with you are scheduled/planned

Because they have quite a handful of girls in their fold, Yoruba Demons are deliberate playboys. They are not all too spontaneous with meetings except you walk in on them. Spending quality time with one might mean he would need to ward off others in order to achieve the feat, lest he gets caught. The fact that they schedule meetings does not mean they might not be available almost constantly but the trick is to make sure they are aware you will be spending time with them. If your man periodically plans or schedules your meetings, then you should start asking questions.

10. Life of the party

How can a playboy not love life? Lol! An icing on the cake to this list is that Yoruba Demons love parties and Owambes. After all, occasions and public events allow them to meet newer but potential people that will eventually get drawn into the list of girls hovering around them like a halo. If your man fancies parting and owambes a whole lot, perhaps…just perhaps he is one.

PS: We understand that stereotypes hurt and can be unfair. Not all Yoruba men automatically qualify as a Yoruba Demon and exhibiting one of these signs does not necessarily imply that he is one. For overly religious folks, “demon” here does not necessarily mean it is from here. It is only a cultural adjective used in signifying playboys. Ciao!

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