How to contact sportybet customer care & Registration guide

Few Nigerians find it difficult to reach out to the Sportybet customer care department, but in this article, I will explain deeply and straightforwardly how you can contact them, Sportybet registration, how to deposit on Sportybet, and how to withdraw.

Sportybet is a Nigerian sports & casino platform where gamers stake bets on clubs & teams with high/low odds to perform a certain event and the outcome should be in their favor. Staking on Sportybet doesn’t guarantee you win, either you win or lose.

It is available to only individuals of 18 and above and not to people under the age of 18.

According to statistics, Sportybet has over 1 million registered users and up to 100,000 daily active users which means on this platform people win and some lose.

Sportybet registration process

Step 1: To get started with Sportybet, visit their official website to register or visit your mobile phone application store. For Android visit the Play Store and for IOS users visit the App Store, search for Sportybet, and install.

Step 2: After successfully installing the application, find the Join Now button at the top right corner like you’ve seen in the screenshot below, click to Join, and provide your information (phone number).

How to contact sportybet customer care & Registration guide

Step 3: Confirm your phone number, and login.

I hope the Sportybet registration process was successful. if not comment below if you still find it difficult to Join.

How to deposit on Sportybet online

There are different payment options provided by Sportybet for its users to fund accounts. As a user, you will be provided with card options, direct banks, other banks, bank transfers, sporty bank, and quickteller as a deposit method.

Choose your most preferred option and continue, but in this article, I will show you the easiest, fastest, and zero-charge method.

If you have an Opay account continue reading but if you don’t Read this article to create an account.

Existing OPay or Palmpay users should read. Copy the phone number you used during Sportybet signup, Login to your Opay/Palmpay. find the betting section and click, see the image below.

How to contact sportybet customer care & Registration guide

After you have clicked the betting platform, you will be taken to the betting page. On the current page, you will see the service provider find Sporybet, the next field is for user ID, kindly paste the phone number you copied earlier and paste. If you haven’t, read the article from the beginning. See the image below for an explanation.

How to contact sportybet customer care & Registration guide

Select the amount you want to deposit, click pay then you will be asked to provide your PIN to continue. After filling in all details you should see a successful message. Now, go to your Sportybet account and refresh you should see your credit balance. If your account did not update immediately kindly wait to be credited, if the issue still persists, contact the Sportybet customer care service for help.

How to withdraw from Sportybet online to a bank account

This is one of the interesting parts of the platform withdrawal from Sportbet online to a bank account (Opay, Palmpay, or any other Nigerian bank).

Login to your account, on the bottom menu icon, you will see an icon with Label (me) click on it and you should be taken to your profile page. You will be shown two buttons (Deposit and withdraw) click on the withdraw button, choose your preferred method, input your account number, enter the amount to withdraw, and confirm you should be credited after it is reviewed by Sportybet.

How to contact Sportybet customer care

Do you experience any problems on the Sportybet website/App, you will need to contact Sportybet customer care, see details below:

Sportybet phone number

Dial 07008888888 or 09088999988

Sportybet email address

Send mail to

Social media pages





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