Ten African start-ups at the Paris Air Show


Living on the continent alone to not have an aircraft manufacturer does not prevent Africans from having projects in the air.

It is on 3 000 square meters in the Concorde hall of the Paris Air Show opened until Sunday 23rd June that African start-ups have chosen to present their projects entirely dedicated to innovation and foresight in the industry. aeronautics and space. In its second edition, the Paris Air Lab intends to show how air and space inspire and interact with other actors and sectors. Objective: to spread innovation, while opening up to new audiences: influencers, media, young audiences.

Ten African start-ups at the Paris Air Show

Among the exhibitors, many start-ups have the opportunity to show their know-how. Among them, from Thursday, ten African start-ups will be in the spotlight and a pitch session is dedicated to them. Here is a summary presentation:

1. Astral Aerial (Kenya) on the use of drones for the transport of humanitarian cargo, surveillance and emergency response.

2. Côte d’Ivoire drone about locally made drones for various applications.

3. Elemental Numerics (South Africa): an application of computer-based fluid dynamics techniques to the design of machines and components, from aircraft to heart valves.

4. Lentera Limited (Kenya): a remote sensor application to monitor and transmit environmental data to enable more efficient and smarter agriculture.

5. Maisha ICT Tech PLC (Ethiopia): a deployment of locally built drones to deliver medicines, blood and health care items to remote and rural areas.

6. MamaBird (Malawi), a platform to help governments, NGOs and various organizations provide vital supplies to remote communities.

7. Map Action (Mali): a solution offering real-time online urban mapping to identify problems affecting water supply, hygiene and sanitation.

8. MobiTech Water Solutions (Kenya): an online water monitoring solution that allows businesses, individuals and water service providers to manage their available water using a water table. edge and instant messaging based on applications.

9. Track Your Build (Nigeria): a new infrastructure management tool for construction and operations.

10. WiPo Wireless Power (South Africa) offers reliable and convenient wireless charging chargers for businesses, conference centers, airports, restaurants and other charging locations for mobile devices, laptops and drones.

The chosen frame: Africa4Future

This event takes place within the framework of Africa4Future. This joint accelerator program between BizLab, the global aerospace accelerator of Airbus, and Make-IT in Africa, program of the Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Internationale Zusammenarbeit German (GIZ), the German agency for international cooperation. Objective, to promote the technological partnership between Airbus and African start-ups, particularly in the fields of unmanned logistics and remote sensing.

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