The HP Trade-in Program: What it is and why you should take advantage


When we hear about investments in innovation, corporate policies or public support always come to mind to encourage what we can no longer do without – technological innovation. The theme, however, is not exclusive to large companies or ministries dealing with industry and economic development: innovation is also spoken at a lower level but no less important, that of daily life.

In fact, we are all involved in the technology race, which improves at a decidedly fast pace, offering new and updated products. But sometimes leaving us with a problem: how do I dispose of my old devices?

What is the HP Trade-in Program?

The answer is in an initiative that HP has already implemented in the past and that renews also in 2019. It is called Trade-in, it is a program that concerns numerous types of products and takes the form of the possibility of purchasing a new device by returning a used of any brand, model and technology.

How it Works

The resulting advantages are very important, starting with receiving a fee for the purchase of one or more products included in the Trade-in program. Furthermore, you can benefit from an overestimation of the used, without being obliged to purchase a device that is the same as the one that you make. However, if this device is a notebook, depending on the processor installed, it will be possible to receive up to 400 euro of used appraisals, which can be combined with the amount we just mentioned.

Also included in the program is the entire printer area, where the overvaluation reaches up to 300 euros for the purchase of new products and multifunction devices. The program also includes the replacement of old plotters with new HP DesignJet large format printers.

The deadline for using the HP Trade-in program is July 31, 2019.

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