The Meaning of Audio Money


In a social media world where there is constant, brazen display of wealth and material possessions, Audio Money perfectly fits the description of social media celebrities who flaunt supposed wealth with no known origin and background.

The social media fake life is often a far cry from the standard of living of the social media celebrities involved, particularly on the Facebook-owned Instagram which is primarily a multimedia social platform.

In Nigeria, the quest to look good on social media has pushed several Nigerian social media celebrities to lay claims to properties they never had. On several occasions, some of these celebrities have been busted, dragged across the social media they use to push their show business. For certain social media influencers cum celebrities, the quest to remain relevant has pushed them to doing giveaways almost every week.

In this post, we look at the trending ‘audio money’ definition, what it is and social media references.

The Meaning of Audio Money

Audio Money

Audio Money is a trending Nigerian slang derived from the single ‘Audio Money’ by Rudeboy of the defunct PSquare group. It refers to social media influencers and celebrities who live fake social media lives; flaunt material possessions they never really owned just to look good and wealthy before their teeming social media followers and fans. Their monies or wealth are never seen in reality but only on social media, hence, the term ‘Audio Money’.

Rudeboy, in his song ironically featured Shatta Bandle, self-acclaimed billionaire and richest man in Africa whose net worth is allegedly more than Aliko Dangote‘s, alongside a reenactment of Blessing Okoro, a Nigerian social media influencer who uploaded pictures and video of a mansion ‘she built’ after her ‘hard work paid off’. She was however arrested by the real owner of the mansion, a billionaire who goes by the name ‘Onye Eze’.

Rudeboy addresses the concern of the level of people’s wealth on Instagram. People, who though have nothing outside of social media but go all out to impress their followers. He subtly admits that social media celebrities are pressured by saying they ‘pick up stones nobody threw them and build mansions in the air’.

Of the long list of audio money owners on cyberspace, Shatta Bandle has been at the fore lately. He once claimed he is richer than the richest man in Africa, Aliko Dangote whose net worth is $9.7 billion. Shatta Bandle controversially claims his net worth is well over $9.7 billion, a claim which would go on to put him further in the limelight. It didn’t take long to figure that the man behind Shatta Bandle’s wealth is none other than a young Ghanian millionaire, Nana Kojo Boateng, who publicly glorifies crime and flaunts expensive cars on his restricted, private Instagram account.

Audio money, though newly coined, will go on to refer to people who feel the need to be accepted or recognized by flaunting or laying claims to luxurious items and properties that was never theirs.

Watch Rudeboy’s Audio Money video below:

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