Top Car Selling Websites in Nigeria


There are tons of car selling websites in Nigeria where car owners can comfortably sell their cars online without hitches. Whether it is a used car, second hand or ‘tokunbo car’, these car selling websites below are trusted and can be relied upon to buy a car from.

Note that the process of getting the right car from the right source in a convenient and stress-free manner with these sites is almost the same as they have continued to deliver to the public reliable vehicle service to earn public trust.

In no particular order, below is a list of the top car selling websites that you can rely on for buying and selling cars in Nigeria.

Top Best Car Selling Websites in Nigeria

1. Carmudi

Carmudi just recently changed its name to Jumia Car. This platform is touted as the largest online seller of cars in Nigeria at the moment with reputable car dealers and private sellers available on this site.

2. Cars45

Are you looking for car dealers or an online platform that makes the process of buying and selling of cars easy, then try Cars45, On their website, you can see bidding for cars in real-time going on actively. So if you are a car seller or want to purchase new or even used cars, you should also try this platform. The best part, you can even swap your car for another!

3. CarXus

If you go through CarXus portal, you will find out that this particular website doesn’t just sell cars but other ranges of vehicles like trucks, boats, and motorcycles. CarXus covers not only Nigeria but also Ghana, making it somewhat interesting that a classified website has an international reach. Testimonies on the website is a testament that CarXus can be trusted.

4. Cheki

Cheki is quite popular when it comes to buying and selling cars in Nigeria and they work hand in hand with thousands of car dealers in the country. Cheki is a great online marketplace for buying and selling cars. Cheki website makes the process of buying or selling cars online easy at affordable prices according to your budget.

5. Jiji

Jiji has proven to be a trusted marketplace for purchasing or selling items such as cars, phones e.t.c. They have a classified website that connects buyers and sellers in the 36 states of the federation. Whatever the range of your price is, Jiji promises to serve you the type of car that suits your budget. More interestingly is that Jiji took over Olx, a similar marketplace in Nigeria in early 2019.

6. Nigeria Car Mart

Another trusted online marketplace for cars in Nigeria Car Mart. Apart from the ease of using this platform, you can request for any car model even if it is not on the platform and their agents will get back to you. Also on this website, you can also be connected to a car dealer near you or a private seller.

7. Affordable Cars

This car selling website also offers quality service for car sellers and also buyers. It was established in1997 and have offices in Lekki and Ikeja. Affordable Cars have both online and offline presence. They are among the offline car dealers that have gone online. They are known to sell a wide range of brands like Toyota, Honda, Pajero, Lexus, Benz and Nissan. They also run repair and maintenance services.

8. Nairaland

Nairaland is Nigeria’s biggest and most popular forum, with over 2 million members. The forum has many sections and one of them is the ‘autos’ section where car buyers meet sellers and vice-versa. A major advantage of the autos section of the forum is that you can register as a member in order to get genuine feedback, suggestions and opinions about any vehicle before buying them. Note that the vehicles being sold on the forum are sold by both middlemen and direct car owners who put them up for distress sales.

Wrapping Up

Trust is something that is hard to give especially when it has to deal with online transactions. While we can vouch for most of these car selling websites, we know that fraudsters still penetrate these platforms to run shady deals and defraud innocent people of their hard earns money.

If you feel you don’t trust any of these marketplaces, you can go to a car dealer near you or an offline dealer with an online presence so that buying or selling your car(s) may be easy and convenient for you.

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