United Kingdom (UK) Visa Requirements for Nigerians


Are you seeking to travel to the UK? Would you like to know how to get a UK visa from Nigeria? If yes, then patiently read through this post and we will try as much as possible to explain everything you need to know about getting a UK visa from Nigeria as well as frequently asked questions on how to get a United Kingdom visa from Nigeria.

Below are some of the FAQs and how to get a UK visa in Nigeria, alongside the eligibility, requirements and visa types for each category of travelers. You can check this article if you are looking for Visa-free countries for Nigerians.

Do You Need A Visa To Travel To The UK?

This depends on your purpose of visiting the UK. The information is found on the UK Government official website where you can select the purpose of your visit to the UK and have the website recommend a visa type for you. Some countries do not require a visa to get into the country while some do. Some are given a visa on arrival but as a Nigerian, you require a visa to get into the UK.

Where Can I Get A UK Visa Application Form?

As a Nigerian, you can get the UK Visa application form via two different ways available to Nigerian applicants. The available options for Nigerians are through TLScontact, a Teleperformance Company and an authorized UK visa registration company and the official UK Government website – Visa4UK.

Where Can I Submit My UK Visa Application in Nigeria?

You can submit your UK Visa application online after carrying out the process through the same. You must ensure your passport is valid. General and supporting documents are required on the day of your scheduled appointment.

Where Can I Pay For My UK Visa Fees In Nigeria?

You can pay for your UK Visa fees in any GTBank branch in Nigeria, or simply make your payment through the GTBank internet banking portal. Be sure you get a receipt or print an online receipt after you have made your payment.

How Can I Collect My UK Visa in Nigeria?

First, be sure you have been notified by VFS that your visa is due for collection. Upon notification, you can pick up your visa in person at the visa application center.

If you are a Nigerian or another national staying in Nigeria, then the UK embassy, Abuja or the UK embassy, Lagos are the centers where you can make inquiries or have your interviews. You can also visit any of the Nigerian Embassies in your country of residence if you live outside the country.

General Documents Required For A UK Visa

Below is a list of general documents required to get a UK visa.

  • A valid international passport that will be valid for at least 30 days after the expiration of your visa
  • A UK Visa application form.
  • A Coloured passport photograph with white background.
  • Proof of payment for UK Visa application fee.
  • Financial Statements and documents showing you can afford to take care of yourself during your stay in the UK.

You will be required to provide original copies of your documents during your visa application. The documents listed cut across all UK visa types but some visas like the family visit visa require additional documents.

Types Of UK Visas

There are different types of UK Visas and getting one depends on your purpose of visit to the UK. Below are the types/classes of the UK visas travellers can apply for. They are:

Business Visa

Known as the Tier 1 visa type, this category of visa is issued to people who are traveling to the UK for business. Business Visas takes between 15 to 90 days to process. This visa category is valid for a period of 6 months. It is has 5 different categories which include:

  • General
  • Entrepreneur – This is the visa given to business persons who plan to set up a business in the UK.
  • Investor – This visa is granted to person’s hoping to invest in the UK.
  • Graduate Entrepreneur – It is a visa category granted to graduates who possess operational ideas that practicable.
  • Exceptional Talent – This is the visa categories granted to person’s who have been endorsed from the academic sector.

Student Visa

Also known as the Tier 4 Visa, this category of visa is issued to applicants going to study in the UK. This visa takes about 15 to 90 days to process and is only valid through the duration of your school program. Applicants are required to show their proof of admission to a UK University in addition to general visa requirements. In addition to this, the applicant will be required to show proof of possession of resources requires to live and study in the UK.

Work Visa

The UK Work Visa is is called the Tier 2 or Tier 5 Visa. The Tier 2 Visa is issued to persons that are offered a skilled job in the UK while the Tier 5 Visa is issued to persons working in a Government Authorized Exchange Program, Religious programs, Charities, Youth Mobility Scheme or Creative and Sporting Programs.  In addition to general required documents, you will be required to provide a letter of employment with details of your itinerary and expenses. It takes between 15 to 90 days to process this visa and it is valid for the period of your work program.

Visitor Visa

This Visa allows the holder to stay in the UK for not more than 6 months. To get this type of visa, you will be required to submit general documents and a letter of invitation. It takes about 15 to 90 working days to get process this visa.

The UK Visitors visa is granted to applicants which include;

  • Academic visitors
  • Special Visitors (people who need private medical treatment)
  • Entertainment Visitors
  • General Visitors

Family Visa

The family visa is given to persons who plan on visiting their relatives in the UK. It takes between 15 to 90 days to process this visa and its period is usually between 3 – 6 months. Persons who would like to apply for permanent residency to enable them stay with relatives would have to see the process through on arrival to the UK.

How Much Does The UK Visa Cost?

The UK visa fees vary based on the category or visa type. Below is the cost of UK visas:

  • Business Visa : between 400 – 2000 USD
  • Family Visa: 2036 USD
  • Work Visa: between 400 – 2000 USD
  • Visit Visa: 126 USD
  • Student Visa: between 120 – 1100 USD

***Note that the cost of the visa type may be subject to change without notice.

Address Of UK Embassies In Nigeria

UK Embassy, Abuja
Address: British High Commission Abuja, Nigeria. 19 Torrens Close, Off Mississippi Street, Off Shehu Shagari Way (North), Maitama, Abuja.
Email: abuja.visacustomercare@fco.gov.uk
Telephone: (+234) (9) 462 2200
Fax: (+234) (9) 462 2263

Visa Section:
Dangote House, Aguyi Ironsi Street
Maitama District

UK Embassy, Lagos
Address: British Deputy High Commission. 11 Walter Carrington Crescent, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria.
Telephone: +234-1-2770780
Email: consular.lagos@fco.gov.uk

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