How to Verify your Twitter Account


A verified Twitter account, no doubt, has some serious, classy feel to it. While it tells people the famed tick means the account is verified, it also tells the account is a serious one. Don’t get me wrong, unverified Twitter accounts aren’t that bad but given the chance, a lot of people will prefer to have the blue badge slapped against their Twitter account to separate them from ‘the rest’.

Since 2016, Twitter announced that the account verification process was open to the public. Without a doubt, this is very interesting for companies and professionals with personal branding. Through this article, I will share the steps you have to follow to get Twitter verification.

IMPORTANT: Twitter has the form closed until further notice. I recommend entering every day to check if they have reopened.

How to verify your Twitter account

Below I will quickly summarize the steps you have to implement to request verification of your Twitter account and I will share some recommendations.

1. Prepare your account for verification

The social network itself recommends you optimize your account before requesting verification with the following tips:

  • Use your real or artistic name as a Twitter name.
  • Verify that your avatar or header is with a photo of you or with your company logo.
  • If you plan to change your username or name, do so before verification.

I would also recommend having a good but concise biography that describes your personal brand or the purpose of your business.

2. Prepare your case

To request a verified account the social network will ask you:

  • Weblinks to sites that prove your identity. For example, I would put my website, relevant media articles, my company’s website, etc.
  • Documentation of yours to verify that you are real (ID, passport, etc.).

In certain cases, it is better to use your passport (traveling document, if you have one) than the ID. However, you can make do with what you have at your disposal. If you are a company you have to upload a PDF or photo of the commercial register.

  • The reason why you should be verified your Twitter account.

How to upload your identity document on the Twitter form

To share your identity document to Twitter you just have to follow the following steps:

  • Take a photo of your document or scan the image with mobile applications capable of scanning documents.
  • Upload the image to Dropbox
  • Get the link to share the image of Dropbox
  • Paste the link into one of the fields to paste links from the verification form

3. Complete the verification form

To verify your account you will have to visit the link ->

Then you will have to fill in the Twitter form carefully. Here are my tips to complete the form:

  • Do not copy and paste links.
  • Do not copy and paste the text of why you should be verified.
  • Upload a real document and verify that the image looks good.
  • Fill out the form in English even if you have to use Google Translate (for non-English language speakers).
  • Do not send a form if you really do not have a solid case, especially if it is your personal brand. You need to show that you really have recognition for your professional career (media appearances, website, awards, etc.)

When you finish the form you get a screen that summarizes your application and then finally a confirmation message that your case will be working and that they will notify you of their decision by email.

What type of accounts are verified?

Twitter through an article in its support area confirms that the accounts that will verify are those of the scope of:

  • Music
  • Performance
  • Government & Politics
  • Religion
  • Journalism and the media
  • Sport
  • Business
  • fashion
  • As well as other related.

I hope this mini-guide will help you verify your Twitter account.

How long does it take Twitter to verify an account?

The average number of days to receive confirmation or denial of your form is 7-15 days. It took 9 days when I assisted a brand in verifying theirs. They received an email to confirm the verification.


  • If you change the username or your name you may have your badge removed and it is normal. Many brands create accounts with many followers and then sell them by changing the user. To maintain control, Twitter automatically removes the verified badge.
  • I receive messages daily for help with verification, as you will understand this is an official process that Twitter does, no one except the Twitter team itself could help. DO NOT be fooled by people who sell this service because it is very delicate.
  • If your application is rejected, you can try again, my recommendation is that you try to improve your account or analyze if verification is really essential. Many people want to verify their accounts to have the badge, but remember that the badge is intended for companies and users with influence.

Good luck with your application. Any general questions leave me a comment below.

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