How to Verify your Instagram Account


Verifying your Instagram account is no rocket science. It only looks magical when there is no detailed guide on how to verify your Instagram account and get a blue tick against your name, which is the purpose of this post in the first place.

Just anyone can request the account verification mark ( blue icon) but for this, they must do some steps which are explained in this article. With this verification symbol, you will make your account recognized and give the Instagram community greater confidence, not only about your personality but what you represent. Meanwhile, you can follow this link to find out how to verify your Twitter account.

What is verifying an Instagram account

When you verify an Instagram account you are telling the rest of the people in the community that behind that account is the person who said it. Making it clear that it is an authentic, unique, complete and remarkable account.

Instagram allows its users this possibility through a blue badge next to the name (see image below).

Requirements to obtain the Instagram verification symbol

The platform has a system to verify every Instagram account that is currently unknown by almost all its users. But Instagram tries to evaluate various factors of each Instagram profile and thus grant or decline the Instagram verification icon.

To obtain the verification of the Instagram account it is necessary to comply with the following :

  • Uniqueness: That your name is not common and easily identifiable, that is, that there are no names similar to yours. This will make your identification doubtful.
  • Authenticity: The profile must be managed by a real person, business or legally registered entity.
  • Public: The Instagram account profile must be public with all the information duly completed: profile picture, personal data and at least one post.
  • Popularity: The character or entity that owns this account must be a person recognized and sought by other people.

Other conditions to consider:

  • If you provide false or misleading information, the verification icon will be removed and your account may also be.
  • If your name is similar to that of other people, there is an exception, which is in languages ​​other than yours. There it is accepted that it is not unique.
  • Only one Instagram account can be verified per person. For example, if you have several accounts aimed at different brands, you can only verify one account.
  • Instagram does not verify accounts with general topics: phrases, etc.
  • Do not have calls to follow your account as #followme.
  • Instagram reviews your name in external sources  (which are unknown but perhaps it is the most important thing to approve your request) and does not take into account if the content is promotional.

How to Verify Instagram Account

Let’s see how is the process to make the request for verification of the Instagram account:

  1. Access the Instagram application on your mobile device, and once logged into the account you want to verify, enter the ≡ menu.
  2. Then click on Settings (this is at the base of the list. under ‘Open Facebook’)
  3. And once done the above, go to Account.
  4. And click on “Request Verification”.
  5. To finish you must fill in the verification request form of your Instagram account and attach an identification document. And click on SEND.

What happens after requesting the application

Having submitted the form, Instagram will proceed to give you an answer after a few days:

  • Your request was approved and you will be seeing the blue symbol next to your profile name.
  • Your request did not meet the criteria to be verified and to be able to request it again you will have to wait at least 30 days.

That’s all! Good luck with your application!

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