What is a Relationship


Almost everyone loves a healthy relationship where they love and are loved back but it is not often the case with most relationships in today’s world. Strangely, there are certain people who feel or believe they need to be in a relationship without knowing why. To them, they just have to be in a relationship even when it is obvious to them that they do not really understand what they are supposed to do or what their role in the relationship entails. This idea has remained elusive to so many people that one of the most sought after questions as far as love is concerned is “what is relationship all about” or “what love is about in a relationship”. Owing to this, I believe there is a need to shed some light on this very grey area. So, whether or not you agree from where you are standing is not the point.

What is a Relationship?

A relationship is a state in which a person is being connected to another person, either by blood, by union or marriage. It is also a state in which one person is connected to multiple persons and vice versa. The word “relationship” is actually two conjoined words “relation” + the “ship” suffice. “Relation” is of Latin origin, meaning “connection” and “correspondence”. Therefore, to be in a relationship is to be connected to the person(s) you claim to be in a relationship with. The idea of “connection” in a relationship starts with emotional attachments which means a whole lot. Although one could argue about those in “loveless relationships” but the truth remains that it is either their love waned with time or that their relationship was arranged and they never got to have a say, which is unfortunate, by the way. The use of the word in today’s world is often to indicate being in a romantic relationship with someone or betrothed to another, which if let out, is to tell others to “back off”. Interestingly, woke generations have managed to douse the initial meaning of the world and have fashioned other words alongside it to garnish or enhance the newer words generated off it. Make no mistake, this is not entirely bad since the world is ever-evolving and accommodating newer perspectives with each passing day. However, given its evolution over the years, the word “relationship” might not be explicit enough in certain situations and to certain people no matter how hard you try, except you adopt a stronger word to mean you are hooked.

What is expected in a Relationship?

In a relationship, there are so many expectations which we have already discussed extensively in another article. However, there are certain expectations from you and your partner which are:

  1. Responsible to one another: As much as some don’t like being answerable to others, being in a relationship requires that you are responsible to the other person and vice versa. Depending on your partner’s outlook on life, your relationship might entail sharing plans/hinting them ahead of your movements before embarking on them.
  2. Commitment: Commitment is required and expected. Being committed in a relationship is having faith in the relationship and handling it with utmost priority. It is hard work enough but very beautiful when those in a relationship show an almost equal commitment.
  3. Being able to share: Although this complement the above point but it pretty much stands on its own. One of the proofs of being committed to a relationship is being able to share resources; time, money, ideas, etc.

Types of Relationships

There are over 30 types of relationships in the world today. We will be listing them in this post but will shed more light on them in another article. Below are some of the types of relationships around today:

  1. Closed Relationship
  2. Co-dependent Relationship
  3. Independent Relationship
  4. Open Relationship
  5. Changing Relationship
  6. Toxic Relationship
  7. Sexual Relationship
  8. Dominant/Submissive Relationship
  9. The Fling Relationship
  10. Long-Distance Relationship (LDR)
  11. Short Distance Relationship (SDR)
  12. Compatible Relationship
  13. Best Friends Relationship

How to Determine the Type of Relationship You Want

An easy way to determine the type of relationship you want is to communicate extensively with your partner. It is important that you make your expectations known. Not only that, you must be sensitive to the other person to know whether or not they are capable of providing the type of relationship you want. Their words alone are not enough. Therefore it is important to introspect and study your would-be partner before jumping into the relationship.

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