Why You Should Avoid Primads as a Publisher!


Periodically, high-value blogs often get periodic requests from advertising networks on some sort of “partnership” which could earn them “passive income” and renewable after the end of the first proposed campaign. If you have not received emails of this nature, just continue with your blogging and you will receive them at some point when your traffic starts looking up.

Among those who will contact you for such partnerships is PRIMADS, a strange ad network that prides itself as a technology-driven ad network with “highest CPM rates”. While the idea of an additional income can be enticing, PRIMADS are exactly not what they claim to be and a very dubious company.

When contacted by a supposed representative of the company, you will be asked to send your Google Analytics traffic stats if you show interest. First, they will tell you their ad formats comply with Google AdSense and as such, your blog will not get penalized if it uses AdSense. If the representative is satisfied with your Google Analytics Stats, you will be told that they would pay $20-$30 for a start and it is renewable at the end of the campaign. The representative will most likely promise you that you will be paid the moment you put a generated code on your website. It sounds cool, right? But that’s where the lies start…

After putting the code up on your website, you are most likely not to hear anything from this so-called representative for a while until he/she sends you an email that they can only pay you after they have tested your site with the code you put up for 48 hours! Now, here’s where the catch is…

The ad they put on your site is not measured by CPM as claimed on their website. Rather, it is calculated based on clicks and they would never tell you the rate of each clicks. The only thing to know is that they will pay you $30. If you ask what metrics the ads will be measured with, you will be referred to a generated link to see every information about the traffic your site generates.

The goal of the ad on their website is for you to send traffic to it. If the CTR is little or next to nothing, the representative will mail you to inform you that they are pulling out of the deal because you are not sending enough traffic to the site and since it is the 48 hour window period, you will not be paid a dime for whatever it is you have done.

How is PRIMADS a Scam?

PRIMADS, at the start of their mail, will claim you will get paid the moment their ad is up but the narrative changes when you put their ad code on your website but you will need to wait for 48-hours in which the deal can be called off if your site do not send enough traffic to their ad.

Below are some things we noticed about the company:

  • PRIMADS is a Portuguese company, in Porto.
  • Total company staff is between 2-10, according to their LinkedIn profile.
  • Their clients are mainly sports betting companies.
  • They serve as a traffic exchange platform.
  • There is no defined metrics for which their ads will be measured (CPC, CPM, etc), or at least, they won’t tell you.
  • You can’t register on their website as a publisher. They have to contact you and create an account for you.
  • 48-hour window period before they can pay you.


While the idea of a passive income isn’t entirely bad, avoid PRIMADS. Because they want a share of your traffic so bad, they will lie to you and if they feel your site isn’t delivering by sending enough traffic to their partner websites, they will yank you off without warning.

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